What Are Metalized Packages? And Why Should We Use Them?

Product packaging these days does not only refer to wrapping a product in packaging material. These days a box has to play several roles all at once. It would need to protect the product, secure it from invisible factors, and attract customers. But not every packaging box can do so. And that is the reason why sellers these days prefer to custom-made their packaging boxes.

Nowadays it is becoming crucial that we represent our product professionally through our packaging. If the packaging has failed to do so, our product might lay on the shelf for a longer time. So it is safe to say that the quality of the box these days matters more than the quality of the product itself. But there are packaging boxes that are receiving lots of recognition lately. Let us discuss them.

What is a Metalized Box?

A packaging box covered with metalized foil, like gold, silver, or aluminum, is known as metalized packaging boxes. These packages give a glossy and sleek look to the paperboard boxes and enhance the box appearance.

You can make any packaging material look luxurious using this technique. But now the question is, why do we need such boxes? And does the metalized foil affect the box nature and make it non-organic? If you are also curious about these questions, then keep reading. Let us discuss everything you need to know about these boxes.

1.   Enhances the Product:

Not every box proves to be successful in highlighting our product. During shopping, we ignore dozens of products on the store shelf. But when a packaging box is unique, we cannot help it and end up buying it. But have you ever noticed what sort of products have more chances of recognition? The answer is simple: a glistening one.

The gold color represents luxury and wealth. Meanwhile, the silver color represents grace and elegance. And that is the reason why luxurious brands tend to use such boxes for their fancy and expensive products.

2.   Highlight the Brand:

The high quality of metalized packaging boxes attracts customers in no time. Just like these boxes enhance the product appearance, they also highlight the logo printed on the box. Many sellers also carve their company’s trademark into the box. The more elegant your packaging box appears; the more people it could impress.

Before printing the logo on the box, always study your box dimensions. Consider the placement of the logo and also consider different techniques for printing the trademark. Embossing and engraving are the processes that are receiving popularity all over the world. Embossing gives a 3D look to the box. And the method is done so by using heat sources and other types of equipment. The puffed-out design could further get customized with pigments or metalized foil.

3.      Serves The Looks and Attract the Customers:

The chief purpose of packaging was to attract customers. But if the packaging is ugly, how are we supposed to attract clients? And that is the reason why the appearance of packaging plays a crucial role in our business. In this case, metalized boxes could bring ease to the sellers by serving the looks.

These packaging boxes are not only luxurious but also customizable. It allows us to personalize the boxes to our needs. You must have noticed that every brand uses a customized packaging box. It means that they get their boxes manufactured in specific shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, they also could use specifically designed packaging inserts by keeping in mind the product’s dimension.

4.   Increases the Product’s Worth:

What feature of a box makes it look elegant and fancy? What sort of features in a box increases the product’s worth. If one gets answers to all these questions, they might get themselves a perfect packaging box.

Getting ourselves a package is not a difficult task. There are thousands of packaging companies around the world that could be accessed with the internet. But the critical part is to find the appropriate packaging box that brings positive change to our business. Customized boxes with foils have proved to be effective for sales as they attract customers from afar.

5.   Protects the Product:

If you ever held metalized boxes in your hand, you would have noticed how luxurious they appear. But other than appearance, the nature and texture of these boxes make them even more superior. The soft and sleek inside of these boxes allows us to keep the product safe from all harm. The inside of the boxes is mostly customized with foam or fabric. It gives the box a luxurious yet comfy look.

Hence these rigid boxes give extra protection to our products. And whether the product is on the shelf or is getting shipped, it could be safe from all harm.

Is Puncture Resistant:

You must have received a pierced packaging box all wrecked up. But why? The shipping process is not an easy task. Many of the packaging boxes could get affected or even destroyed without perfect packaging. But these days, it has become rare to receive a punctured case. Why? Well, packaging companies these days are manufacturing boxes with the latest technology.

They try to manufacture products that could carry external force. And they are becoming successful in manufacturing sturdy packaging boxes. Magnetic packages also proved to be useful for such purposes. These boxes bear the weight and all the harsh invisible factors to keep the product safe.

Another surprising feature of custom printed metalized boxes is that they are organic, recyclable, and durable. Now use these boxes and bring a positive change to your business.

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