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What are coils on a tattoo machine?

Tattooing, ancient body art that was once considered taboo in society, has continued to gain great popularity since the 20th century. It used to be done by a body of criminals, outcasts and socially irresponsible people to separate them from others.

Over time, however, it has become one of the most sought-after arts and includes 20% of the world’s population worldwide. The first stamps are made by hand and with needles and pierced leather and then by inserting colors.

However, with the advancement of technology, tattoo artists use machines to write beautiful designs on the skin and make them softer and more perfect, even with internal designs. Tattoo artists usually use one of two types of machines; rotary type coil. It is best to have some knowledge about them before anyone tries to hand over their body to experts and allow themselves to be subjected to needles. Read for more information best coil tattoo machines

There are many tattoo gun kits on the market with two options. It is up to you to decide which tattoo machine is right for you.

Tattoos and machines

As artists like enthusiasts who are ready to tattoo or paint their bodies, it is always confusing what tattoo machines they will use. They will use reel devices or use rotary tattoo machines. To choose the best tattoo machine, you must read this post to the end.

Coil vs. Rotary tattoo machine

The main difference between these two types of machines is the principle of pushing the needles directly into the skin so that the required body art comes out. An inspiral tattoo machine, it is the electromagnetic current that controls the anchor rod, which moves the needles up and down as the skin is pierced.

Professional tattoo artists prefer the rinse aid because it is cheap and easy to use on the market. However, they make moaning noises at work.

In rotary tattoo machines, a small motor attracts and releases the needles. The motor is inserted inside the motor. There was almost no noise with the engines running.

Many tattoo artists prefer rotary machines to coil tattoo machines because the benefits are even greater when you use them first. The effect on the skin is almost painful and very smooth when using rotary tattoo machines.

Basic differences

Lines and shadows

According to experts, the benefits of using rotary tattoo machines outweigh the washing machines. With rotary machines, the lines can be smooth and a lot of shading can be done, unlike using a tattoo machine on a plate.

Sound Factor

Do you prefer to wear cuffs when tattooing? Now. Rotary machines work quietly, unlike spiral tattoo machines. Coil machines suddenly make similar sounds and a tattoo enthusiast can be nervous and shake the body, creating a design mess and skin damage. Itching and pain, when the needles pierce the skin, are less on rotary machines than on winding machines.

Machine Weight

With its double coins and steel bars, spool tattoo machines are much larger than rotary machines. Control of the instrument and maneuvering over the skin of the object requires a great deal of effort on the part of the tattoo artist, and any incorrect treatment can cause great damage to human skin below zero. Because rotary machines are lighter, Tatars can handle them with great precision. Artists can work long hours without fatigue. The errors are much smaller when juggling rotary machines for perfect designs, unlike winding machines.

Work versatility

The biggest disadvantage of washing machines is that they can create shadows like lines. No spool machine has the same equipment in the same unit. It is therefore necessary to keep individual machines for marking lines or shading the skin. Not only has the investment doubled, but the creation of perfect designs has been complicated. However, with a rotary machine, lining and shading goals can be achieved. Accordingly, only needles should be selected.


Many tattoo experts and enthusiasts feel that rotary machines have a smaller punch than plate tattoo machines because they retract slowly. Therefore, it can be difficult to work with larger needles, as opposed to using dishwashers. However, maintaining rotary machines is much lower than the cost of coil tattoo machines.

Managerial skills

An old warhorse from the tattoo industry can handle and juggle washing machines more accurately because they are heavy and relatively labor-intensive. Rotary machines can be used by any artist, which will continue to be the first step in the industry.
Modifications – While rotary machines require minor modifications to design perfection, winding machines require precise modifications to make designs perfect and attractive.


The above details may explain the basic difference between using a spool or a rotary tattoo machine.

With the basic principle of the same work, ie the creation of body art, the use of one of the above machines is more of a personal choice.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Some professionals with a lot of experience in tattooing prefer dishwashers, while others who are relatively new to the industry feel differently. It all depends on the prospects. Whatever machine you use, the ultimate goal is to make the tattoo design perfect. As someone who is ready to make body prints, be sure to visit a tattoo expert, find design samples and ask about the desire for color.

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