We can all help in making the world more accessible, how? – accessiBe

We all know that there are some issues that need more recognition, like equality. But then we see that there are a lot of people spearheading these issues and we think that they are doing enough. We might even think of joining in but don’t think that we could help, so we go back to chilling at home and leave it to others. Unless the issue or problem affects us or someone we love, we often won’t see the impact it has on people and therefore we won’t have the motivation to do anything about it. Fortunately, there are companies like accessiBe that are working hard to change the world.

One area that is often sadly neglected is accessibility for those with disabilities. You might be thinking ‘that doesn’t make sense? I see ramps onto pavements and into building, building are even designed now to accommodate those with disabilities with wide doors, elevators, disabled toilets and so on.’ You might even think that we have covered all the bases.

You are right in the fact that all those things do happen, and it is fantastic that those the norm now but what you have to remember is that disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, for example, someone who needs a wheelchair to get around will need very different accessibility needs than someone who is visually impaired or even blind and vice versa. Even two people who need to use a wheelchair could need very different help. What you need to remember is that each disability requires different needs, and on top of that you could have two people with the same disability, but their disability will affect them in different ways.

Do you see the problem? It is an ongoing battle to help those with disabilities to have the same access as others. Thinking that there are enough people fighting this cause is a mistaken view. We have come a long way in the last few decades, but we are far from done but one area that is sadly lacking is online. We all use it every day; you are using it right now to read this and yet there are many websites that don’t cater for those with disabilities. Why don’t you try reading this article with your eyes closed or try watching a video without any sound? How did you get on? I would imagine you didn’t do too well. For some that is how they go about their daily life, if we don’t push for accessible websites, they will miss out on what you take for granted.

You might not feel that you can do much but that’s where you are wrong. If you own a website, get in touch with a company that specialise in adapting websites to be accessible. If you visit a website that isn’t accessible, then get in touch with the them and try and get them to change. Any small thing you do will help, so don’t think you have to change the world by yourself, just try and change a small part and if enough people do that then we will make the world more accessible.

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