Tyre Inflators and Foot Pumps: A Deep Dive for Better Understanding

If you are a novice, keep in mind that there is a massive demand for compressed air. This is why you can find it anywhere, including the mechanic shop and your neighbourhood gas station. Simply put, the primary function of tyre inflators and foot pumps is to inflate tyres. Vehicle air compressors are perfect for periodically re-inflating car tyres.

Air Compressor

If you are a novice, note that your engines provide electric energy. The air compressor transforms that electrical energy into potential energy and stores it as pressured air. This energy functions as kinetic energy for various tasks, including the filling of tyres, the powering of the best accessories for car, and the filling of gas cylinders.

Tire Inflator

To put it simply, a particular kind of car tyre inflator that contributes to inflating your car’s tyres is called a tyre inflator. This is because pressurised gas eliminates the need for laborious pumping to pressurise your tyres properly.

Doing some research will tell you that the size and design of foot pumps for car can vary greatly. However, you can benefit significantly from the small handheld ones during emergencies. This is because they fit easily in the trunk of your car. Although they might not fit in your automobile, larger tyre inflators can dependably pump up your tyres quickly.

Technical Information about Air Compressors

The experts have detailed some necessary information on tyre inflators and foot pumps below. This will help you develop a sound understanding of the type and capacity of compressor you need.

Air Compressors: Portable vs. Stationary

Simply put, you must learn to identify this crucial difference between various tyre inflators and foot pumps.

  1. Portable Air Compressor 

This variant typically weighs between 2 and 6 pounds (relatively minor). You can even find options that feature wheels, making them easier to transport. There’s no disputing that they are reasonably compact. 

You can benefit from them greatly if you wish to keep the air compressor in your vehicle. But unfortunately, due to their compact size, you can only use them to inflate objects to relatively low pressure.

  1. Stationary Air Compressor 

Looking it up on Google will tell you that the primary purpose of this car foot pump variant is to serve as long-term fixtures in a workshop. They feature big air tanks and potent motors, making them incredibly heavy. This weight makes them difficult to move more than once. Hence it would be best to determine where to put your air compressor before getting it home.

Furthermore, they cost quite a much, and for the air compressor to obtain enough power to operate, you must ideally hook it to an electricity source.

Electric vs. Gas Air Compressor

The distinction between gas and electric is another point to remember when examining tire inflator for car.

  1. Gas Air Compressor

To put it simply, most experts suggest gas air compressors as a suitable alternative if you don’t have access to an electric power source. They function similarly to electric air compressors, with the vital distinction being that they lack start/stop regulation. Tools requiring a continual flow of air benefit from having the motor running continuously and pressuring the air.

The noise and pollutants are the drawbacks of using a gas air compressor indoors. This is something that you must explore before taking the final decision. 

  1. Electric Air Compressor

While these are less portable than their gas counterparts, they are significantly less expensive to operate and maintain. This is essential since they need a nearby power source to function. In addition, the motor can automatically turn on and off to control the pressure inside the tank. Moreover, the engine can automatically shut off if no tool is in use. 

It is annoying that experts don’t encourage using extension wires with electric air compressors. This is so that the type of air compressor can influence how long the power wire is to the air compressor.

Simply put, it can’t draw enough power when an extension cord is too lengthy. This directly leads to the motor overheating and failing. The compressor will shut off if the cables are too short to prevent burnout or damage from overheating.

Final Reflections

There’s no disputing that one typically gets a flat tyre all of a sudden from out of the blue. But if you don’t have a temporary fix, that is the worst possible scenario. Therefore, you must ideally carry portable tyre inflators and foot pumps in your car to guarantee that you always have a spare tyre with adequate inflation. 

If you’ve never used a tyre inflator before, you could be in for some confusion. Tyre inflators and foot pumps are little air compressors rather than just simple air pumps. Thus, they are not the same thing. Contact Carorbis immediately if you want to learn more about tyre compressors.

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