Types of Glass Hand Pipes

Glass hand pipes are the most preferred among smokers. Of course, they come in different materials, such as corn cob, wood, metal, and glass but glass pipes are the most preferred because of their features. Just like other pipes, glass pipes also come in various shapes and types. 

Your choice will depend on the type of products you use and the quantities you want to use per time. Suffice to mention that each of them has its distinctive benefits. Before looking at the different types of glass hand pipes and their unique features, let us dig a little bit into their history.

Origin of Glass Pipes

Pipes can be traced to different ancient cultures of smoking. Ancient cultures across the planet inhaled smoke in one form or the other for various reasons. For some, they do it for spiritual and religious reasons. For others, it is all about social reasons and some even smoke to promote their health. 

The pipes as known today were modeled after the devices used in early North American cultures. Native American pipes were made of corn cob, animal antlers, wood, and clay. With time, pipe-smoking began to evolve and became a recreational activity. At this point, the materials used in making them became varied. 

Thanks to technology and new and improved resources over the centuries, makers of pipes began to use other materials to craft more stylish smoking pipes. Early glass hand pipes were more of works of art than smoking devices. 

Within the last fifty years, glass pipes have gained popularity among smokers. Today, the market has grown significantly with a wide range of designs ranging from concrete to abstract and simple to complex.


How many Glass Hand Pipes Types are in the Market?

Having looked at a brief history of glass hand pipes, let us delve into the different types that are in the market and their unique features. There are five types of glass pipes, which are Chillums, Spoon Pipes, Sherlock Pipes, Steamrollers, and Bubblers. Each has its distinct features. Let us go into the details and look at each of them.

  • Chillum

Chillum is crafted like a simple tube. It is often considered a somewhat traditional smoking method even though it is a new trend. The reason for this is that it looks like the hollow reeds used among indigenous cultures for smoking. Using a chillum pipe is simple. 

You only have to pack your dry herb into an end of the pipe and light it from the other end. You also inhale it from the end, where you light it. Chillum pipe offers a different smoking experience from the other types of pipes. 

Due to its small size and simple design, you can only use a small quantity of dry herb per time. It also does not come with a carburetor, which helps maintain the flavor of the smoke and prevents it from going stale. 

  • Sherlock Glass Pipes

This glass pipe is iconic. The arched stem of the glass is recognizable by everyone who knows a bit about the popular fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. 

Sherlock pipe has a bowl at the end of the stem where the products are held. It is also where you apply the heat and the smoke travels to the stem. Sherlock glass hand pipes are cool and are sometimes referred to as Gandalf pipes. They sometimes come with carburetors but some do not.

  • Spoon Pipes

This is often considered as the next upgrade after using chillum. In terms of construction and shape, it looks a lot like chillum. The only difference is that it has a bowl-like shape at one end where users deposit their product before applying heat. Spoon pipes also have carburetors, which makes them quite different from chillum. 

Smoking from a spoon pipe is a little bit intricate compared to smoking from a chillum. Using spoon pipes entails covering the small hole-like carburetor with your finger to draw air through the bowl and then uncover the hole to inhale. With this, you can be sure that your smoke is as fresh as a newly applied product.

This is the one of the most complex glass pipes to use. It comes with a tube with a bowl at one end and an opening at each end of the glass pipe. The opening close to the bowl serves as the carburetor. Some designs come with an additional chamber that helps roll the smoke to make it cooler. 

Steamroller glass hand pipes deliver fast and powerful hit always, more than the user is prepared for per time. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a steamroller glass pipe if it is your first time of smoking. It takes a lot of practice to get used to using this device.

  • Bubblers

This glass bubbler pipe has been named because of its feature. It is a hybrid of a glass pipe and a bong. It is a small pipe but it uses water just like a bong. That is why it is often called a glass water pipe. The water functions as a filter and diffuses the smoke, thereby creating tiny bubbles. 

Bubblers give a smoother flavor that is free of any harsher tones and elements in the substance. It can be used with hot water or cold water. The temperature of the water does not affect the overall smoking experience and the flavor of the product.


These are the five types of glass hand pipes that are available on the market. It should be noted that although there are five types, these pipes are designed and styled in different ways. That means for each of them, you can have dozens of different designs and styles that do not look alike. 

If you are new to smoking with glass hand pipes, it is suggested to start with the less complicated types like a chillum, Spoon pipe, and Sherlock.

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