Types of Denture Repairs

Denture wearers could understand the issues with dentures and the major types of denture repairs they might have had. However, have a look at different types of denture repairs you could get from a dentist’s office. 

·        Denture Realigning

Sometimes, denture wearers might notice things that are just as not as snug and fitted as they were once. This might be startling to notice but there is a common procedure that could be completed to fix the issues. Denture realigning could help you fix the dentures’ fit and make sure that they do not slide or become loose during the day. 

·        Denture Rebase

The link part of a pair of dentures is the most important aspect of the device. They hold the teeth in place and over a person’s gums when the dentures are positioned in the mouth. From time to time, it is important to get what is known as a denture rebase. When a denture rebase is done, the teeth are placed in a new pink base for the teeth to stay in the best shape possible. When a person has a rebasing done, they would notice the difference from the first day. 

·        Denture Adjustment

One of the most annoying things that might happen with dentures is when it requires an adjustment. If there are spots in the mouth that the dentures are causing to be sore, then it is typically from the dentures rubbing onto the gums. Having a denture adjustment at the dentist is the best thing you could do to fix the issue and have great fitting dentures again. Denture repair could help you with both big and small issues. If you are having any discomfort or annoyance from the dentures, then it would be a great time to call and speak to your dentist or denture care professional. They would rectify the issue with dentures after analysing the issue in detail. 

Types of Denture Relines

There are two types of denture relines that you could receive at a dental clinic. During the procedure, the dentist would measure the mouth to make sure that the dentures are centred for a balanced smile and bite. From that point, the experts would be able to determine what type of relining would help your dentures to feel new again. 

·        Hard Denture Reline: This type of relining is meant to help in improving the way the dentures fit in the mouth. By removing some of the plastic and creating a new mould for the mouth, the existing denture could be remade to fit the existing jaw and mouth shape often on the same day. This type of denture repair would help in relieving pressure, discomfort and sore spots caused by friction as the gums and jaw bone would change shape. The jawbone would change shape or might shrink over time. This could be a natural and common process that would occur with ageing and after having the teeth removed. 

·        Soft Denture Reline: A soft reline is a type of repair that could relieve discomfort due to tender and sensitive gums. A softer and more pliable material would relieve dentures by adding cushioning that would help increase the overall comfort for the patient. A soft reline is generally considered the most effective reline but it doesn’t need more frequent adjustments. 

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