Turning Your Work Trip in Australia in an Adventure

If you’re looking to be successful at your job, you’re going to have to go on many business trips in your career. In addition to progressing professionally, business travels are a great way to get new experiences and expand your horizons. Australia is one of the most popular business travel destinations in the world, but it offers much more than opportunities for professional growth. If you’re looking to turn your next Australian work trip into a real adventure, here’s what you should have in mind.

Enjoy Sydney Mardi Gras

You have heard about the famous Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, but did you know that Sydney has its own too? Not only is it a fun festival, but it’s also a huge LGBT parade and an important part of LGBT culture. Its popularity has been rising over the past few years and today, people from all over the world visit and enjoy it. If you enjoy nightlife and parties, the Sydney Mardi Gras parade and festival will be a great chance to try something new and unwind after boring business meetings.

Get on Santa’s naughty list

If you’re sick and tired of work on top of work and are looking for a convenient and naughty distraction, Melbourne is the right place for you. Among many interesting things this lovely city has to offer, you can discover the darker side by finding great Melbourne brothels to visit. Depending on your availability and interests, you might want to look around a few before you find the perfect one, but it will be worth it. With Christmas just around the corner and you being an adult, there’s no reason to worry about getting on Santa’s naughty list.

Explore Perth’s quirky bars

As fulfilling as it can be to prosper in your career and learn new things that you can apply in the office, all work and no play drain the fun out of every trip. If you’re in Perth, use the opportunity to explore its famous quirky bars and meet new people while trying out new drinks. Start by visiting Convenients on Lake Street and pass through the fully functioning convenience store to get to the bar in the back. You can keep going and discover Toots, a secret bar within an already secret bar, or squeeze into Darling Darling, a proper miniature bar with a pirate theme.

Turn it into a family trip

If you can turn this business into a family trip, you have to book things well in advance. Because you will be working, your kids will need to do some exploring, and luckily Australia has a lot of attractions to offer. Surfing swimming, cycling, or just having a picnic at the beach are all great things to do as a family. If you don’t have children, you can simply bring your partner along and enjoy night life after a long day of hard work.

Feast on healthy foods

Australia is famous for its healthy food options because it’s similar to the US in a way – it’s a melting pot of cultures and you can try out some really wild combinations you will love. There are real food tours you can book and enjoy after your work trip, but the best thing is that there are so many healthy options. Healthy food is important regardless of your age, so try not to eat too many sweets and fast food delicacies. Your body will be grateful for your self control when you get back home without all those extra pounds.

Climb Uluru

You are probably familiar with Uluru from famous Sci-Fi and dystopian movies, so why not use the opportunity and actually climb there? Australia’s red center has spectacular landscapes in itself, and Uluru, the great sandstone monolith, is by far the most impressive sight to behold. Even though it’s pretty far, you can luckily fly there from either Sydney, Cairns, or Darwin. Not only is Uluru a prominent part of the movie scene, but it’s also an important symbol in Indigenous culture. You can even learn about its significance directly from the local Anangu people if you have the time.

Using work trips as a chance to get pleasure and fun experiences is a great way to bring some work-pleasure balance into your life. Australia has a lot to offer, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people who travel there for work usually prolong their stay for at least a day or two in order to fully enjoy everything this country has to offer. After all, when you enjoy your time off work, you can get back to the office feeling energized, and ready to tackle new challenges.

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