TP-Link Extender Not Detecting 5GHz Signal? We Can Help You!

Installing TP-Link WiFi range extenders in the home to access a super-fast internet connection is common. However, being technical devices, extenders are likely to fall victim to various issues. TP-link extender not detecting 5GHz signal is one of them. If you are have also performed a TP-Link extender setup and seeking a solution to resolve the same issue, then you’ve landed on the right post. Here, you will learn how to get the issue fixed in a flash. So, read on.

TP-Link Extender Not Detecting 5GHz Signal [Solved]

1. Reboot Your TP-Link Extender

If you haven’t thought of rebooting your TP-Link range extender, then do it right now. Rebooting is one of the most convenient solutions to fix many extender-related issues. And, the best thing about the rebooting process is that you need not be a hi-tech specialist to execute it. All you need to do is follow the below-listed instructions:

  • Disconnect all the wired or wireless devices connected to your TP-Link extender.
  • Now, switch off your extender and unplug it from the power socket.
  • Give your TP-Link extender some time to rest.
  • Plug your extender back into the wall outlet and switch it on.

Once your extender gets rebooted properly, check if it is still unable to detect the 5GHz signal. If yes, then it is time to give a shot to the next troubleshooting hack.

2. Bring the Extender Close to Router

Perhaps, you are facing the issue because of too much distance between your TP-Link range extender and the host router. So, without any delay, reduce the distance between your WiFi devices. It will enable both WiFi devices to communicate effectively.

Quick Tip: It would be a great alternative if you connect your TP-Link extender to the host router using an Ethernet cable. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the cable should not be damaged and the connection is finger-tight.

3. Relocate the Extender

Is your TP-Link WiFi extender sitting in a corner? Well, that’s not where it should be. To ensure equal transmission of WiFi signals, your TP-Link extender should be in the central location of your house.

Apart from that, check if any electromagnetic field-creating device is present near your extender. If present, then considers moving your extender away from it. Besides, do not place the TP-Link device near a mirror or fish tank. Placing it on a shelf would be a mighty decision.

4. Update the Firmware

Your TP-Link extender might also be unable to detect the 5GHz signal due to outdated firmware. If you are a rookie, then let us tell you that firmware controls your extender’s overall functionality. That is why TP-Link firmware needs to be updated from time to time. Therefore, update the firmware of your TP-Link extender to resolve the issue.

The extender’s firmware can be upgraded by accessing the TP-Link setup wizard. You only have to download the firmware file, log in to your extender, and upload the file. So, whether you have performed a TP-Link AC750 setup or are a proud owner of another TP-Link extender, firmware can be updated by executing these steps.

5. Reset the TP-Link Extender

If your TP-Link extender is still unable to detect the 5GHz signal, then the time has come to factory default reset your WiFi device. Performing factory default reset will clean up all the customized settings from your TP-Link WiFi extender. So, give a read to the following instructions to reset your extender:

  • First of all, ensure that your extender is getting an adequate power supply.
  • After assuring that, start looking for the Reset button on your WiFi range extender.
  • Once found, grab a paper clip or a pin, and insert it inside the Reset hole.
  • Twiddle your thumbs till your extender gets restored to the factory default settings.

Now that your TP-Link extender has been restored to the factory default mode, access http tplinkrepeater net to set it up from scratch.


Facing issues with TP-Link extenders is not uncommon, but it does not mean that you can’t overcome them. We hope that you’ll be able to fix the ‘TP-Link extender not detecting 5GHz signal’ with the help of the aforementioned troubleshooting steps. We wish you a wonderful internet experience with your TP-Link range extender.

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