Top Rings Depending on Materials You Should be Aware Of

A ring is one of the few accessories that complete a woman’s look. And the best part is it is lightweight and can be paired with both formal and informal attires. You must have seen various articles highlighting the different ring types based on their styles, but not many list them depending on their materials.

If you’re a jewellery connoisseur who loves to explore more about jewellery or someone who prefers to stay updated on any information related to jewellery, you will love reading this article till the end. So let’s head straight to the list of different ring types depending on the materials used.

Gold Rings

The most common and popular rings of all time are gold rings. You can easily spot women wearing these in offices, parties, and almost all other places as well. These rings are made using 22 karats or 18 karats gold and are available in a range of beautiful styles. You can browse around here to see some latest gold ring designs to understand the variety in a better way. Besides the mainstream yellow gold, you can also find rings made of white gold and rose gold, adding more variety for people to choose from.

Silver Rings

These rings are primarily made using sterling silver. Silver rings have a more sleek and classy look, attracting many young girls. No wonder why something as simple as a plain silver band can have so much demand. Those willing to add extra bling to their silver ring can opt for options that have beautiful gemstones and intricate designs for improved aesthetics. Silver rings are durable, versatile, and loved by minimalists and jewellery lovers alike.

Plastic Rings

Not many know, but the market also has rings made of plastic. It falls under the costume jewellery or fashion jewellery category and looks great on teenagers. Not every woman wants to wear rings made of precious metals, especially for daily wear, and it is where plastic rings come into the picture.

Since plastic is flexible, you can find way more options in terms of designs than any other ring. If you often catch up with your friends on weekends, a plastic ring can add to your overall upbeat personality, so make sure you have at least one in your collection.

Titanium Rings

Titanium is a material used exclusively in plush, fancy jewellery. Though some believe titanium rings are only for men, it is not the case. Many women wear titanium rings because of their simple yet classy appearance. Its lightweight property is another good reason to get one for yourself. Due to its sleek, modern aesthetics, some prefer wearing titanium rings on their ears and nose as well. You can visit this website for everyday jewellery to get some accessories that pair well with titanium rings, giving them an elevated look.

Platinum Rings

Last on our list is platinum rings. These rings look very similar to silver rings, but their metal possesses different qualities. Also, platinum is too expensive when compared to silver. Platinum rings are usually created as bands, and the only customization you can request is to add a gemstone on it.

Each of the rings mentioned above offers a massive range of styles and designs. All you have to do is pick the one that aligns with your style.

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