Top Reasons to choose sliders for men over shoes while heading for an adventure excursion

With summers fast approaching and backpackers having adventure itineraries on their bucket list, the world witnesses too many travelers heading out for adventure excursions. Though such trips come with a lot of excitement and enjoyment, it also comes with a confusion of the type of footwear to carry on such a trip. While most of you reading this will suggest taking sports shoes for such an excursion, there are many reasons to carry sliders for men for such trips. Want to know why sliders are the perfect choice for adventure trips? Here we pen down a few reasons why sliders for men overweigh the advantages of carrying shoes for your upcoming adventure trip:

They can be worn even in water

Are you planning to head out to a destination where you have to walk beside the rivers, or are you about to enjoy a paddling trip? Sliders for men can be the perfect fit for you. At any point in time when you feel you have to walk in wet conditions, sliders are the safest option to consider. Until you have brought leather sliders, you can wear the regular sliders even in water. This also makes it perfect for wearing them to beachy destinations.

Allows you to move free

Sliders, unlike shoes, do not cram your feet and thus allow you the freedom to move freely. Wearing boots and shoes while moving up and down the hills or while traversing any other adventure destination can be quite a challenging task. It can also give you broken and blackened toenails as a consequence. But when you wear sliders at such events and places, you can save your feet from any ill effects and go easy on those nagging hotspots.

They are a good choice for lightweight footwear

Unlike those heavy and bulky boots, sliders for men are quite light in comparison to their counterparts and thus are highly preferred while hiking the trails. Lightweight footwear gives you a feeling of relaxation and saves your feet from carrying a huge burden besides offering enough support and traction.

Allows your feet to spread

At times our feet tend to swell due to various reasons. May it be due to exercising, high temperatures, or any other disease, swollen feet require some room in your shoes. While wearing shoes, this can be quite painful as it does not have enough space to allow your swollen feet to fit inside easily. But the same is not the case when you wear sliders for men because they can also cater to swollen feet without causing inconvenience to the user.

You can ditch socks

 Shoes and socks go as a combination. You cannot ditch the socks when you wear shoes while heading for an adventure trip. And, as a result, there are chances that you may get smelly shoes and socks and even an athlete’s foot during your excursion in such a case. But if you wear sliders for men, you can go carefree, ditching your socks without giving a second thought for the same.

Easy to wear and take off

One of the most soothing advantages of wearing sliders for men on an adventure trip is the ease of wearing them and taking them off. Wearing shoes can sometimes cause rashes and blisters, which may force you to take them out for some time to allow your feet to relax. But then comes the herculean task of taking them out, which can be pretty cumbersome and force you to search for a seating place where you can take of your shoes. But this task becomes relatively less complicated when you wear sliders. All you need to do is simply slide off your feet from the slider, and your feet can breathe free. Hence, you can say that sliders allow fuss-free transition and allow you to wear and take them off without the slightest inconvenience.

They can be packed easily

Packing in itself is a big task when you plan to head out for an excursion trip. And, along with the clothes and other staples, if you have to pack your bulky shoes along, it can be quite a headache. But it’s the opposite when you have to pack sliders for women or men. Sliders are light weighted and compressible too. Hence, you can consider packing them with ease. They can easily fit inside your luggage bag without consuming much space and can make your packing chores a lot easy.


These were a few superb reasons why sliders for men are an awesome option to carry along while heading out for an adventure trip. So what are you waiting for? If you have an adventure trip on your bucket list, make sure you buy sliders to go easy and carefree with your footwear selection.

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