Top Features and Benefits of Fitness App Development


Fitness apps have been a major success during the lockdown and since then the demand for fitness or yoga apps has increased drastically. Hence, if you too want to bring your fitness or yoga services online then this blog on fitness app development is for your guidance. Read it further for more information on mobile app development.  

Good health should be the priority of every individual because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. If you are not healthy inside then you cannot expect the desired outcomes in your work. It is advisable that an adult must spend an hour exercising or must do some physical activities (Playing, cycling, jogging, walking) in order to maintain a good physique and health. But in this busy schedule people do not get time to go to the gym or take out time for other activities. That is why fitness mobile apps are here to fit into your schedule as and when the user wants to spend some me-time while doing some fun activities that help them maintain their fitness.   

Why Do We Need Fitness App?

Before you start with any new business, market research is a must. You must know very well what and why you need to develop a fitness app for the users. Without proper planning and research, it will be very difficult to capture the market and target the right audience. 

Well, in this section we will tell you what is the future of health and fitness mobile apps in the market. Is it worth investing your money in fitness app development? All these points we will discuss here.,

  • It is expected that the fitness app industry will grow unexpectedly in the coming future. By the end of 2026, the fitness industry will earn a revenue of $14.7 billion. The fitness app market is growing with a CAGR of 23 percent. 
  • Statista records state that in the year 2020 the fitness apps or segment generated revenue of $17,963 million and this data is expected to grow in the future. 
  • There are many health and fitness apps globally and by the end of 2020, there were 656 million downloads.  

All the data given above clearly shows that the fitness industry is booming unexpectedly. If you are willing to develop a fitness mobile app then you must go for it. 

How Fitness Apps Can Help You Earn | Different Monetization Methods

It is very obvious that if you are investing money in developing an app then you must know how to earn from that. One must know what are the different monetization strategies which suit best to his business model. If you don’t have a proper monetization plan then definitely you can never be a successful app owner. That is why we are here discussing different monetization strategies that can help you earn good revenues through your online business.

Whether it is a food delivery app, grocery delivery app or a fitness mobile app. You need to figure out the right monetization strategy for your business which can help you earn good and give you expected results. Here is the list of different monetization methods you can choose the best for your business or you can also use multiple methods. It all depends on your business requirements and on your budget. 

  1. Paid Apps

As per this strategy you have to make your users pay for your services. This strategy works well for the already existing apps. But you can also try this method. You can modify this a little, in the starting you can offer your services for free but later when you observe your app has gained the expected popularity then you can make your user pay for your services and premium packs. This strategy really works if you can offer amazing services to the users. 

  1. In-App Purchase

In the beginning, if you are offering services to the users through your fitness app for free, still you can make money with “In-App Purchase” method. You can make your users pay or buy some advanced features of the app. You can also run some sort of fitness campaigns or games and make users pay to reach or unlock the premium services of the app. This is again a creative monetization strategy, you can talk to experts on this.

  1. Advertisements

You can allow others to show their advertisements on your app. Other fitness companies might be interested in advertising their services or products through your fitness app. So again this could be great and can be an effective monetization strategy for your fitness mobile app.

  1. Subscription ( Monthly/ yearly)

With the help of this method you can allow users to avail your basic services and for more advanced and premium services they need to buy the subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. If users genuinely want to stay connected with your app and really like to get more from your fitness app then definitely they will buy the subscription and it will help you earn.  

Features Of Top Fitness Mobile Apps

Now, to make your fitness app development more demanding we are here mentioning a few features that will help you in developing an user-friendly app. 

On-boarding / an intro video

This is feature-cum-marketing point, you need to add a short video that explains the objective and services of the fitness app. This will help in maintaining quick and instant connection with the users. Let your users know what age group is allowed to access the app. You need to figure what age group people you are targeting then accordingly you make a short video or film for your app.


Now, allow users to sign-in with your app or fitness services through different social media platforms or other means. Try to keep the registration or login process simple and easy. Its better if you allow users to sign up through social media platforms like, facebook, instagram or gmail. 

Users Profile 

Users can customize their profile as per their choice. Allow users to handle their profile on your app and make them connect with the other users. This will create a friendly atmosphere on your app. 

Users can put their images there and share their experience with your app etc. This feature will make your app more interactive and user friendly. 

Synchronization with the wearable’s

Allow users to connect the fitness app with their smart devices like smart watch etc. users can track their progress on their watch or other devices easily.

Select the aim/ purpose

With the help of this feature you can allow your user to decide the activity of their choice. Every users is not the same and their preferences might be different too. Therefore, allow users to select their respective fitness interests ( yoga, aerobics, dance, gym exercises). 

Free Workout and Exercise Sessions ( videos and audios)

Users can watch tutorials of their favorite yoga pose or exercise through videos. This video exercise session will make your app very demanding among users. You can add this feature to your fitness app development.  

Activity Tracking

Let users track their daily achievements and workout sessions. It really keeps the users motivated when they get to know or track their daily progress. Make them set a daily target and keep them informed whether they have achieved the daily target or not. This will keep the users engaged and communicative. 

Diet and Recipe Instruction

Provide a section where users can find the healthy diet checklist and can get the recipe for the easy and quick recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You have to do a little research for the feature and then you have to add on the list of items on your app. You can make it available for your users through a healthy food delivery app. You can add this service for your premium users. 

Push Notification and Reminders

Through push notification or reminder feature users can get all the updates of your fitness app development. All the new happenings can be delivered to the users through this push notification feature. 


Very general feature, in any situation when users cannot find the right fit or choose himself/herself. This feature can help such users in deciding the right choice for them. And for the user who are seeking for other services this feature helps to recommend them depending upon their previous search or activity. 

Support and Advice

Make sure you stay in touch with your users 24×7. In case of any emergency, you must be available to your users. Health and fitness app development is not something that can be taken for granted. If you are taking ownership of one then you have to be there for your user’s help always. Therefore make sure you have a dedicated team who is available 24×7 for the user’s queries and problems.

Advance Instructor Advice

This could be part of the premium service. If users want training from an experienced trainer then they can choose this option and they have to pay for availing this service.

Different Payment Modes

Allow users to make payments through any mode that suits them. If the user wants to pay through e-wallet apps, then integrate the feature of online payment and if the user wants to pay through cash then entertain this mode too. That is why it is necessary that you provide multiple payment modes to the users at their convenience.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fitness App

The fitness mobile app development cost may vary from company to company. Every mobile app development company have their own rules and principles on the basis of what they set the mobile app development cost. 

The different  factors on which the fitness app development cost depends are as follows:

  1. Cost of the developers
  2. Cost of the testers
  3. UI/UX Designers cost
  4. Marketing cost
  5. Number of hours required for the development
  6. The complexity of the app
  7. Features of the app

If we talk about rough figures then it won’t be wrong to say that the app development cost for fitness mobile apps will be somewhere between $60,000 to $65,000. There might be other app development companies who can offer you reasonable discounts. You can contact them as well.


The fitness app is something every age group might be using. Even kids who are diagnosed with sugar or other health issues also join fitness apps to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get rid of the health issue as soon as possible. A healthy lifestyle is a dream of every individual and fitness apps help in fulfilling users’ dreams. 

The high demand for the fitness mobile app can really help one to earn good revenue from this amazing and helpful app. Even if you have any offline business that promotes good health or fitness you might consider developing a fitness mobile app. 

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