Top 8 Unhealthy Jobs in USA

Are your visits to the doctor becoming more frequent? Do you feel nervous or sad when you come home from work for unknown reasons? Well, it could be the result of your chosen career path. Higher levels of stress and unhappiness can negatively impact your overall health.

Manual worker or clerk, each occupation has its obvious health risks. Some are to be expected given exposure to injuries and hazardous working conditions physical well-being. If you’re tired of feeling so bad, maybe it’s time to get a job that’s good for your health. A job is where a person spends most of the day. Many professions involve serious occupational hazards as well as common cold, cold, and flu.

Small effects that you may not notice until your health begins to deteriorate. In the past, working in the mines slowly ruined the lungs, and repeated exposure to noise in factories led to hearing loss. Nowadays we can be more aware and much more careful, but the concept of occupational hazards is stronger than ever. Our health is affected both physically and mentally.

Is your dream career getting in the way of your dream health?


Working in business process outsourcing centers inevitably means working night shifts at one point or another. Constant night shifts are fatal to a person’s health are affected and can cause long-term damage.


Construction is dangerous for everyone on site, whether they are workers or planners. Many building elements such as tar, certain types of cement, or paint damage the lungs. Construction accidents are also very common, much more common than traffic accidents or accidents of any kind.


Cleaners work with toxic fumes that are extremely harmful to the human body. The cleaning agents used often contain strong acids.


A corporate career, especially one that involves spending long hours in front of a computer screen, puts strain on your eyes and back. Cases of back problems, herniated discs, muscle strains, and spinal problems have increased dramatically with the growth of corporate careers. Corporate jobs can cause a lot of stress which can lead to various health problems such as depression and sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. ED drugs like Cenforce 100mg, Fildena 100mg and Kamagra 100mg are ideal treatment to treat ED but it is only temporary. To completely cure the condition of ED, you must have taken less stress at work and home. This will help you involved in the moment of sexual activity and help you attain a hard erection. Doctor can prescribed more medicines such as Vidalista 20mg, Malegra 100mg and many more.


In factories, there are loud noises, heavy machinery, and dangerous substances that are harmful to a person’s health. It is common for factory workers, whether managers or factory workers, to have hearing problems. Heavy machinery also puts the worker at risk of injury. Amputations are more common in factories than anywhere else.

Floral Designer

Although pretty and attractive, a floral designer’s career has its own set of dangers. While gardeners work with plants to keep them alive, a floral designer works to preserve plants after they have been cut from their stems. Many powerful pesticides and preservatives go into the making of flower pieces which eventually begin to endanger the flower designer’s health.


Mines have been known to be dangerous for centuries, and even with all the precautions, helmets, firefighting gear, and goggles, mines remain dangerous. Even after diligent effort, mines are unstable and risky for anyone on the ground. For the workers in the mine, the air they breathe is polluted, which after some time affects the health of the miner.

Miners also have a serious risk of ED due to the conditions they have to work in. Many of the workers in mines suffer from sexual disorders as they have to encounter harmful chemicals and minerals that are harmful to human health.


The very concept of research is based on exploring the unknown. The unknown also includes unknown side effects and dangers. Because of the nature of their work, researchers and inventors are very careful to take every precaution, but unexpected results or advances often damage their health in ways they are not protected from certain occupational risks. The key is to be prepared and have the right attitude.

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