Top 7 IMPORTANT elements you need in your Spa Bathroom

Nothing can replace a warm and comfortable welcome after coming home from a long day of work, especially if it means a chill bath with some soothing music in the background and added fragrances inspired by the spa environment.

If you’re wondering how it is possible to make a bathroom like that in your house, then let me tell you it’s completely possible. The key is adding or remodelling some features to achieve the iconic makeover.

In this article, we’re gonna show you some amazing tricks by home renovation experts that’ll inspire you to add the desired spa vibe to your bathroom.

1. Add Bathroom Caddy: If you don’t have a bathroom caddy, you’re missing out on some very must have and very necessary elements of a spa bathroom. A big advantage is so many types of caddies are available in the market that’ll suit you properly according to any different tastes.

You can find caddies in various styles like wooden, marble, lucite and so many. A bathtub caddy as a small element will add a lot of luxurious vibe to the bathtub corner of your bathroom.

2. Shelves are magic: Adding cool shelves will value your bathrooms in very different ways. Like, if you have a small bathroom, then organising things can be painful. Adding shelves to your bathroom wall will save your space a lot. Also, shelves can be a great use for decoration.

There are many styles and materials you can use to make your shelves. One of the cheaper and stylish options would be using tiles. Choose a little but the darker colour of the same colour as your bathroom wall. Decorate by adding some buckets for your soap and shampoos. Also, you can add fake plants to add some harmony to it.

3. Add Artwork: Empty walls can never make the cosy and personal feelings until a complete wall makeover, and when it comes to makeover your bathroom wall to a spa bathroom, it’s incomplete without eating artwork. Choosing artwork to cover the wall isn’t as easy as it seems to be. You have to know exactly how to compliment your bathroom wall with that artwork.

The art piece should be minimal and pretty much less in the colour count. The background colour should be a lighter shade of the colour of your wall and the main colour should be a complementary colour of your wall colour. Adding the artwork will add a sort of story to your bathroom that won’t let you feel empty.

4. Colour it to white: According to home experts, a spa represents purity, relaxation and cleanliness with comfort. In that case, colouring your bathroom wall with white or a warmer tone of white would be a great idea. Aside from colours, you can add white or any warmer shades of off-white tiles and it’ll work the same or even better. It’ll change the overall view of your bathroom a lot.

To complement the wall colour, the floor colour should be a darker and neutral colour to white. You can use light grey colour with an off-white texture in it. Use towels and clothes that are white. It’ll maintain a colour balance in your bathroom and please your eyes a lot.

5. Use dispenser: Colour balance is a very important prospect to make a spa bathroom. When it comes to maintaining colour balance, you can’t ignore the bottles or cases of your soaps. The pre-written company names with colourful logos will create a messy view to a specific side of your bathroom and it is never desired. Don’t make this mistake, and bring some custom dispensers in your bathroom to pour you regular items.

The custom dispensers will look good if it’s made of the same colour as your bathroom floor. Another thing to remember is no matter what, to make a spa bathroom, simplicity is the key. So keep it minimal in design as much as possible.

6. Add gold accent: As mentioned above, simplicity is always the key. It always comes with a minimalist design that makes it elegant. But here you must know that if you want to make it another step to a luxurious looking spa bathroom, gold is the iconic colour you want. Yes, you read it right.

Adding some gold accent to your bathroom you can makeover it into a Hollywood style spa environment that’ll just amaze your guests. For that change, you can combine gold colours with neutral white. This combination will represent cleanliness and purity with elegance and luxury. You can use gold as the colour of your mirror frame and window borders. Also the soap dispenser, cabinet handles, towel rack can be coloured in a gold accent too. You can complement the colour gold more by using warmer or off-white colour lights in your bathroom.

7. Use plants: Well aside from elegance and luxury, a spa bathroom should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Until you feel cosy while laying in your bathtub, it has never been completed. But the thing is which elements can add life to your spa space, plants. Yes, you read it right, plants are the essential elements that can add harmony to your home. All you need is to have a window and a window-side place to put on the plants. If you don’t have a window, then just don’t worry. There are so many types of indoor plants available that will do the job.

If you don’t have a window, consider a spider plant or Boston ferns are the best options you can get. These plants don’t need enough sunlight to live and grow on. Not just that, you’ll find so many other low light plant options in the market. It’ll help you to choose a better-looking plant for your spa place. But don’t forget the rule, simplicity is the key. So whenever you’re looking for a plant make sure it’s not so bushy.

These were the 7 must-have changes that you must have in your spa bathroom. Above mentioned suggestion points are given by the home makeover specialists around the world. Without any of these makeover plans a spa bathroom will remain incomplete.

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