Top 6 Benefits Of Installing Solar Power In Your Housing Society

You’ve been paying those monthly maintenance charges to build a corpus for the society’s welfare – to get the society to make that amazing park for your children or amp up the security. Now the solar power housing for society committee is asking you to give away all that money for the installation of a solar system, that’s so unfair, right? Wrong! 

Installing solar panels (system) is the best way to harness the sun’s energy and save substantially on electricity bills. This seems like a super easy thing to explain to people, but it gets a real challenge when the corpus in question is in crores. 

The toughest part of going solar in a housing society is to convince everyone that installing a solar system will be worth the investment.

Getting all the residents to see the benefits of solar power is a tough task, and many solar power housing society committees struggle to do so. 

Hence, we have curated this guide that talks about the benefits of installing a solar power system in a housing society. 

If you’re a confused flat owner who’s yet not convinced about what the solar power housing association in your society has been telling you, this guide might just help you understand the benefits of having a solar system grace your building. 

Dive in and find out why spending money on installing a solar system today will be worth every single penny tomorrow!

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Top 6 Advantages of a Solar System in a Housing Society

Sir Norman Foster once said, “Solar power is not about fashion, it’s about survival”, and we will tell you why. 

Had it not been for the adoption of solar power, the air would have become instant poison by now. 

Yes, the adoption of solar energy is still not as popular, but with awareness, it’s catching up. 

That being said, let’s now walk you through the wonderful benefits of installing solar power for your housing society. Dive in!

#1. You save a lot of money as common area electricity bills reduce

Yes, the initial installation investment required to set up a solar system is high, but so are common area electricity bills!

When solar power will light up common areas such as lifts, pumps, gyms, and even parking lights, the CAM (common area maintenance charges) will reduce. Result? Your CAM electricity bill will be much lower than what you currently pay. 

#2. You recover the installation cost sooner than you think

Installing a solar power system is expensive – which is why the government offers a 20% subsidy on L1 rates for installations up to 500 KW for housing societies. 

Combined with the savings from electricity bill reduction, the entire installation cost breaks even in 3 to 5 years.

#3. You enjoy free electricity from solar for more than two decades

The life of a solar system is 25 years. If the cost of installation breaks even in 5 years, you’re practically going to get free electricity from solar for 2 decades. 

Besides, a solar system works at 75 to 80% efficiency even after 25 years. So, having a solar system is like having a long-term companion.

#4. You still get to amp up amenities

One of the reasons that solar power housing society committees find it hard to convince people to spend the corpus on installing a solar system is that the residents – unaware of the benefits of going solar – have plans to see their society get some other modern amenities.

What if we tell you that you’ll save a lot more after installing a solar system than you invest upfront? 

The money that you save on electricity bills, when combined with the money that hundreds of other residents save, gets enough over time to build the amenities that you wanted in the first place. 

So, it’s a win-win situation.

#5. The market value of your flat will be high

Flats in housing societies that have a solar system are organically priced higher than the flats in societies that have yet not gone solar. 

Having a solar system means the expenditure on electricity bills will be lower than in any other place. But, that’s not all. 

Having a solar system on the roof means that solar panels will use the sunlight and keep the roof a lot cooler. 

Hence, there will be less load on the cooling devices such as ACs and coolers in flats since the entire building’s temperature will automatically be pleasant and cooler. 

#6. You’ll have a direct contribution to saving the Earth

Installing a solar system caps carbon emissions. Imagine the effect that hundreds of KW can have on the environment since just 1 KW equals planting 15 trees.

Your society will no longer be responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. That’s another reason that the solar power housing committees insist on having a solar system installed. 


We’ve kept our promise and introduced you to all the benefits of installing solar power in your housing society. 

We hope you make the right choice, agree with your solar power housing society committee, and convince others around you to switch to the solar way of living. 

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