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Cricket is a sport that has tiny margins, and the skill of Wicket Keeping can alter the game’s course in a matter of seconds. Wicket Keepers are the core of any team in cricket because they are believed to hold the top place on cricket’s field. Sometimes you get some interesting topics to read in news cricket news, so keep following it regularly.

Even when the Wicket Keeper is in no way the captain of the team, he is able to understand the game more than the captain of the team. He is in charge of positions in the field and provides valuable advice to his teammates. Cricket has witnessed some incredible wicket keepers throughout the years, from Ian Healy to Andy Flower to MS Dhoni. Many of the players have also appeared in news cricket news and have made their name a brand. Here are the top five wicket-keepers who have been responsible for the highest number of first-innings dismissals during international cricket. Wicketkeeping is an art, and not everyone knows how to do it, but some of the players are exceptional and are the greatest of all time; you may be eager to know the list, so let’s get started.

1. Mark Boucher

It shouldn’t come as an unsurprising fact that South African Wicket-keeper Mark Boucher is the one who has the most dismissals of a Wicket Keeper. He was a master behind the stumps who prevented wickets from players like Allan Donald, Shaun Pollock, Dale Steyn, and Shaun Pollock in their prime. Wicket-keeping during the summer in South Africa can be extremely difficult due to the speed and the carry of each wicket, and the ball is flung everywhere. 

Boucher, during fifteen years playing International Cricket, played a total of 467 matches. He recorded 952 catches and scored 46 stumpings. There were 998 dismissals to date, the highest number in international cricket. Boucher was also very adept when he batted as he scored 5,515 runs with five test match centuries. For ODI cricket Boucher scored 4686 runs. He also scored one century during his career.

2. Adam Gilchrist

The batsman who was destructive was known for his daring stroke play but was not praised at the stump. In any circumstance, Gilchrist was brilliant behind the stumps. Like Boucher had a pace battery, which made keeping wickets effortless. Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee could have created a mess for other wicket-keepers, but Gilly was as secure as the homes were behind the wickets. And then there was the best leg spinner that the World has ever seen, Shane Warne; Gilly was equally secure while he was wicket-keeping for the famous Warne also. He never dropped catches and also helped Australia to win by turning those half-chances to turn wickets. In 396 matches, Gilchrist took 905 catches, and when it comes to stumpings involved, he stumped at least 92 times.

3. MS Dhoni

” The fastest hands behind stumps” This statement is a perfect representation of MSD Behind the stumps. His game knowledge and the ability to be in front of batsmen make him an exceptional Wicket-keeper. Dhoni is not the typical Wicket-keeper but a person who is street clever. Indian has not produced a wicket-keeper similar to his, who can read the game with such ease. When under pressure, India requires a wicket, the wicket-keeper will create a moment that is awe-inspiring out of the blue and take the batsman into the pavilion. Sometimes, even the umpires prefer to use the third umpire whenever MSD shouts anything that is behind the wickets. 

His statistics for anyone who isn’t an average wicket-keeper are astounding. Dhoni, during 532 games, has scored 628 catches with 193 stumpings. Dhoni continues to play and is likely to increase the record of these figures. India, when MSD retires, will not just lose his batting skills, however, but will also miss his Wicketkeeping skills. 

With the bat in his hand, MSD is the master and is among the best cricketers the World has ever witnessed. His stats, particularly when it comes to ODI cricket, is mind-blowing, with more than 10,000 runs and an average of nearly 50 per match in the 300 matches. Dhoni is an artist with gloves in his hands. It doesn’t matter whether they’re batting or wearing gloves because he’s simply amazing.

4. Kumar Sangakkara

A Sri Lankan is arguably the greatest left-handed cricketer in the World has ever witnessed. Many forget that Sangakkara was also an excellent wicket-keeper who took wickets for his nation in 594 of his matches. Sangakkara was an expert behind the stumps and a player who, naturally left-handed, caught excellent catches to the right of spinners and fast bowlers. He was able to keep a close eye on Chaminda Vaas on fast and bouncy tracks in foreign conditions and also stay with Muralidharan on spin track in Sri Lanka. 

He was a catcher on 539 occasions and also was stumped 139 times during his professional career. The total of 678 dismissals is the fourth highest on the international stage. In terms of the batting aspect is concerned, his record was one all cricketers in the World would be jealous of. 12,400 runs with the rate of 57.4 during tests and 1434 runs in ODI is a testament to how much he contributed to the international game.

5. Ian Healy

Healy was possibly the most talented Wicket-keeper of the five on the list. He played the Australian played 287 times in his long 11 times playing international cricket. The Australian has 628 dismissals in his record, as well as 560 catches and 68 stumpings. One of the best Wicket keepers who have ever played the game, Healy was a frantic live wire behind stumps with outstanding glovework. Terms of his record in batting are related. He scored 4356 runs in 119 tests, including four centuries. In ODI cricket, he scored 1746 runs over 168 matches.

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