Top 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding day will be one of the biggest, most memorable days of your life. The day that two families come together as one and celebrate your journey that will always be remembered. There is so much that goes into planning your special day. Here are some helpful tips and details for you to consider.


Weddings are not cheap. One of the first things you should do is sit down and figure out a budget so you can start planning. A big thing to consider is the security deposit and the venue’s price. When you are budgeting, carefully think about the number of guests you will want as you will have to remember the food and drink cost. You would want enough food so that your guests can have the option to have a second plate, and there are enough drinks to go throughout the whole event. It’s important to consider the cost of tables, chairs, dishes, utensils, etc. Decorating is one of the best parts; you get to make it how you want it to be, your budget will be able to help you choose out your decor. Consider the price of the bride’s dress and the groom’s outfit. If you plan on having your hair and makeup done, add that on as well. Something to think about after your budget is put together, whatever is leftover, you can use for your honeymoon also.

Finding Your Perfect Location

After your budget is figured out, the next step is finding your perfect location. Narrow down some areas that you feel have what you are looking for. The scenery is important, and there is nothing like the backdrop you will find at any one of the various wedding venues Hobart has available for your big day. Think about it, you will be taking family pictures and videos, you’ll want to absolutely love the background.

Book Your Venue In Advance

As you are looking for your perfect venue, keep in mind that others are also looking, and the venues go quickly. Once you have your venue picked out, and your date set, it’s a good idea to book out a year or two in advance. There could be a chance that someone else has already booked for that date. If that were to happen, that would mean you may have to change your original date if you don’t want to look at other venues.

Are There Hotels Near The Wedding Venue?

If your wedding venue doesn’t have a resort, make sure your location has some hotels that are nearby so they can stay close for your wedding. If you have family and friends traveling far distances, you want them to have somewhere to be able to visit for a couple of days or so.

Does Your Venue Reflect Your Style?

As your wedding day is for you and your spouse to share with your family and friends, take time to make sure your venue reflects you two together. Your wedding should be your style. Both your venue, and your theme should be a full representation of your love for one another, and your personality. 

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