Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles have taken off in recent years, providing a great way to get out and exercise: an environmentally friendly commute option and the ability to travel further faster regardless of fitness levels. Mid-electric bikes are newer to the market, replacing the hub-drive motor models of e-bikes. 

Suppose you are considering purchasing a mid-electric bike but are unsure if it’s precisely what you want and if you will be able to go on off-road adventures. If you are also wondering why, you should pay extra for a mid-drive motor, keep scrolling as we discuss our top 5 reasons why best mid-drive electric bikes are the perfect fit for you.

A More Suitable Centre of Gravity

The original motor used in the construction of e-bikes is the heavy hub-drive motor. The hub-drive motor was mounted on the front wheel or rear wheel, making for an unbalanced center of gravity. The center of gravity is essential as it drastically affects your ability to control the bicycle. The load of the braking system was also increased as the weight of the hub-motor increased the rotating inertia. Thus the overall user experience of riding an e-bike with a hub-drive motor was severely impacted negatively.

The newer mid-drive motor provides a better center of gravity as it is mounted in the middle of the bike. The mid-drive motor does not affect the bike’s balance when traveling at speed, nor does the design of the e-bike need additional counterweights to center the gravity of the bike. 

The bike’s suspension is also improved, and the bike is becoming more planted due to the damping. The bike’s wheel spokes are all not under as much stress due to the distributed weight of the motor being mounted in the middle of the bike.

Where might the batteries for the mid-drive motor be stored then? The batteries are cleverly stored in the bike’s down tube; this reduces the weight that the braking system experiences. The reduction of weight that the braking system undergoes allows for a longer brake life – saving you money in the long run, and the performance of the brakes is increased.

A Lower Rolling Resistance and A Higher Energy Conversion Rate

The older hub-drive motor is usually a simple brush motor in structure and design. The brush motor is driven by electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction works by affecting the motor’s speed and controlling the size of the current that flows. The hub-drive motor performance and usability are affected by its generic structure, the accumulation of motor heat and rotating friction, and a low conversion rate of electric energy to kinetic energy (70—80%).

Hub-drive motors also have a magnetic leakage problem, which ultimately makes the bike difficult to ride if there is no electricity (battery depleted). This magnetic leakage problem is due to the gradual increase of electromagnetic resistance generated by the motor when battery power is used.

The mid-drive motor is more advanced as it collects the power signal that acts on the pedals (pedaling while riding) and then’ talks to’ the driveshaft, the differential, clutch, and other components. Output kinetic energy is applied to the crankset, which assists the rider in pedaling.

The-mid drive motor allows riders to continue riding the bike unimpeded even if the rider has used all the battery power or a fault happens. The unimpeded riding is due to the mid-drive motor being entirely separate from the bottom bracket axle, and thus there is no magnetic resistance.

Increased Torque Output

The mid-drive motor is more technologically advanced than the hub-drive motor, and this shows in the mid-drives motor’s ability to generate more torque more efficiently. The hub-motor can only control the bike’s speed through the size of the current, which increases the motor’s rotating speed and thus an increase in torque.

Torque sensors can be added to hub-drive motor e-bikes, but this does not help decrease the power consumption of current (battery). The greater power consumption of the hub-motor results in a high energy waste of the available current and leads to an overall lower efficiency of power usage.

The mid-drive motor is a combination mechanism of internal transmission gears, including many clutch gears that make up a variable-speed rachet inside the mid-drive motor. The variable-speed rachet increases the torque output, resulting in the bike has a higher climbing and load ability.

The mid-drive motor has a torque sensor that is more sensitive than the hub-drive motor, which allows the sensor to pick up changes in pedaling force of the crank. The pedaling force’s sensed changes will enable the bike to accelerate faster.

A Higher Degree of Integration and Less Wiring

The mid-motor bike design is more simplified and integrated. Only a few wires extend to the bike’s handlebar controller, as many of the components and wiring are integrated into the mid-motor. This integrative motor structure and design provide the user with more convenient maintenance and an aesthetically pleasing bike.

Lower Failure Rate

The mid-drive motor e-bike will provide you with more peace of mind and a lower maintenance bill as this motor has a high degree of integration. This means the mid-drive motor can typically reach a protection level around or above IP65. This motor is also completely resistant to water jets and dust intrusion., ensuring that you can use the e-bike in all weather conditions without failure. 


The mid-drive electric bike is a more sophisticated system than that of the original hub-drive motor. This can be seen in the components, structure, design, and functioning of the two different motors. The mid-drive motor e-bike is a more suitable bike for fast-off road terrain and can even mauver well over rocks due to its better center of gravity.

The more excellent selection of gears and battery management systems allows the rider to adjust the motor’s power usage, providing a great battery usage efficiency. The mid-drive motor bike’s overall increased performance, reliability, and user ability give the rider the confidence to take their bike on every adventure.

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