Top 5 Die Casting Parts Suppliers in Taiwan 2022

Taiwan’s die casting industry has been experiencing rapid growth for the past few years. The top five suppliers in Taiwan are increasingly expanding their production of alloys and new products. 

Taiwan’s die casting industry is not only good at quality but also makes sure that they are producing competitive prices to satisfy both the local and international market. If you are considering investing in die casting parts, then be sure to consider these top 5 companies.

What Is Die Casting?

Casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is poured into a mold with the same shape as the product, cooled, and hardened. Other metal forming methods besides casting include distorting a solid metal with heat or pressure, scraping off unnecessary parts, and compacting powder and combining  with heat. Casting has the advantage of being able to produce large numbers at a low cost, even in complex and massive designs. As a result, it is commonly used as a method of processing.  Casting is classified into several processing methods, including sand casting, pressure casting, and die casting. When compared to other casting methods, die casting has the advantages of being appropriate for mass production, being less expensive when mass-produced, enhancing dimensional accuracy, and creating a beautiful surface with fewer fine particles on the product surface. Because the aluminum alloy used in die casting is light, it is actively used in automobiles that are attempting to reduce weight. It is estimated that more than 80% of die-cast products are utilized in automobiles. 

Among casting methods, die casting is characterized by its high productivity and precision.  Because of its excellent dimensional precision, even thin and intricate objects may be produced effectively.  Surface treatment, such as plating and painting, is simple since the completed product has a less uneven surface. It also has the advantages of high product strength and low machining. Despite the fact that die casting was invented in the modern era, it has made significant contributions to the development of the manufacturing business, particularly in the automobile industry, because of its precise dimensions, perfect finish, beautiful surface, and excellent productivity.

Why Choose Taiwan Die Casting Parts Suppliers 

Taiwan contributes significantly to the global economy as a supplier of thousands of products. In the United States, countless vendors depend on Taiwanese manufacturers for manufacturing services and Taiwanese-made products. Taiwan has successfully made a name for itself in the area of electronic products, and offers a wide variety of other products, including synthetic materials and man-made materials that can be used in your own manufacturing process. There is no doubt that buying products from Taiwan may be a profitable opportunity for companies that sell any type of merchandise. Taiwanese exporters are critically important to the success of millions of American sellers. That is why, when it comes to die casting, individuals and businesses all over the world do business with Taiwanese manufacturers.

The availability of quality diecast parts has diminished over time. Many companies out there resell already made die cast parts or manufacture them improperly. However, die casting parts taiwan manufacturers has increased the number of manufacturers that provide reliable and high-quality products.  Taiwan is a global leader in die casting parts of all types and for all industries. 

These are the reasons why choose die casting parts taiwan:

  1. Taiwan manufactures a lot of precision metal products. These suppliers might seem limited in the number of products they offer, but they actually provide a great variety of prototype and even final diecast products. 
  1. In Taiwan, you can find high-quality precision metal manufacturing as well as a variety of equipment. This includes stamping components, forming dies, and a variety of other products. 
  1. Die casting parts in Taiwan suppliers are also capable of manufacturing customized precision metal parts. This is a reasonable method if you do not have the capability to make these metal goods at your destination and the amount of space at your destination is limited.
  1. Its vast economy offers more manufacturing options. Many companies source their custom-made and pre-made products from Taiwanese factories and manufacturers for many reasons.

5 Top Die Casting Suppliers in Taiwan 2022 

TEAMSWORLD Customized Die Casting and Plastics Injection Molding Solutions Taiwan

TeamsWorld is a Taiwan-based manufacturing supply chain management firm with decades of experience in the lighting sector. It is a B-Corporation that seeks ways to enable positive sustainable consumption and production in manufacturing. If you’re seeking for die casting parts in Taiwan, they’re the place to go.  This Taiwanese die casting company seeks to utilize resources and goods in a sustainable and responsible manner in order to meet the needs of its customers without negatively hurting the environment. By providing integrated consulting solutions in the manufacturing sector for bespoke metal and plastic parts. They want to build flexible and reliable supply networks in the industrial business.  Teamsworld  provides manufacturing, product development, supply chain management, agile management, and resilient production in the automotive, electronics, and lighting industries, as well as subcontracting, metal and plastic parts manufacturing, sustainable management, die casting, and plastic injection. Teamsworld offers specific services according to client requirements, including surface and heat treatments, mechanical treatments, tooling, design, molds, products, and assembly of the parts.

Peng Ming Enterprise Company

Since 1980, the company has been in operation. They specialize in the design of Die Casting Molds and have a strong and talented R&D staff. They are located in a modern industrial park. Aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, and other metal alloys are used to manufacture die-casting goods. Among other things, the company manufactures parts for display systems, cars, and 3C peripherals. OEM support is available to its valued customers. Peng Ming Enterprise Company primarily serves OEM (original equipment manufacturer) markets. Specifically, they are the company that makes the components that other companies use to manufacture the finished products that are sold to customers. They offer unique metal components that no one else can create to consumers and businesses around the world. By utilizing these components, they can supply you with a high-quality product while keeping it affordable.

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Co., Ltd

Golden Pond Metal Die Casting Company was founded in 1947 by Jinchi Lai.  For over 69 years, it has been a major supplier of specialized casting solutions. Gravity sand casting and aluminum die casting parts, as well as bailers, electric fans, motors, and other industrial equipment, are the majority of their goods. They provide parts for automobiles, agricultural machinery, electrical parts, motor housing, do-it-yourself woodworking machines, and other industries. They provide reliable customer service. They place a high value on casting design evaluations with clients prior to mold production to ensure optimal mold creation for each design, enhance the standards of aluminum alloy die castings, and eliminate any errors in the future. Customers can also get polishing, grinding, hand grinding, drilling, tapping, Machined (CNC lathes), milling, and other surface treatment finished and coated from them.

Ted-Yue Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd

The company was established in 1983 and is a manufacturer of zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting series goods. The company has over 36 years of precision casting technology and mold creation experience. They offer complete post-processing automatic CNC technology, various types of perfect electroplating, paint, polishing, grinding, vibration, and other surface treatments, as well as consistent assembly and delivery operations, to meet the service goal of highest quality and fast delivery of products. Their products are created from simple to complex designs of zinc-aluminum die-casting parts, such as LED/lighting parts, electrical parts, vehicle parts, and hardware parts, among other things. They also provide design and OEM services. They provide full post-processing automatic CNC technology, as well as various forms of excellent electroplating, paint, polishing, grinding, vibration, and other surface treatments, as well as consistent assembly and delivery operations.

HF-TI Precision Molding Manufacture Co., Ltd

The company was established in 1996 and specializes in Zinc and Aluminum Alloy Die Casting, as well as Custom Plastic Injection. Because HF-TI is based on a team of molding technical professionals, they excel at precise die casting and thinner walls. HF-TI can be a world-class provider of zinc and aluminum alloy die-casting parts, as well as your best partner in zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting, and plastic injection molding products, thanks to its strong mold engineering team. Zinc, aluminum alloy die castings, and plastic goods for optics, electronics, optical communications, computers, mobile phones, antenna connectors, hardware, and so on are among the set of products. Since its foundation, HF-TI Company has specialized in the production of high-precision die-casting and plastic molds based on more than ten years of mold development technology and production expertise. Furthermore, they have introduced international high-precision measurement instruments, technology, and equipment to ensure that the mold quality fulfills the expectations of the customer

Bonus Tip

When it comes to die casting parts taiwan , it is best to go with a company that encourages sustainability, such as  Teamsworld. Reusability is a key concern when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Die casting is environmentally friendly since it can be reused and repurposed. The die will not be discarded or squandered. The die can hold a wide variety of huge and one-of-a-kind pieces. Recasting is a possibility and has high efficiency. Using sustainable development and manufacturing processes, such as die casting, will increase your profitability, credibility, and appeal.

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