Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Chat Support Services

Customers prefer an immediate response to their queries. It does not matter if it comes from a chatbot or a human agent. An immediate response convinces customers that you care about them. This psychology is driving the popularity of chat support.

Chat support is an online tool that allows your agents communicate with customers in real-time. It helps agents assist visitors on your website and answer their queries on the spot. This means that you must have agents available 24/7 to attend to customer queries. It means that you will have to maintain chat support team in shifts to fulfil the 24/7 availability parameter. This is a costly proposition and increases management complexities. Outsourcing chat support services will help you address this issue and many more. Here’s a look at how:

24/7 Availability

There is no fixed time at which you will get the maximum number of website visits. Users from different time zones will visit your website and they will expect somebody to answer their queries in an instant. 

This is why you cannot activate your chat support team at a fixed time to ensure availability. Outsourced vendors have resources working at all the standard time zones. This allows vendors to ensure that there is an agent present to address customer queries on a 24/7 basis. Such a round-the-clock availability speaks volumes of your brand readiness and customer commitment.

Quality Query Resolution 

Customers will not consider the fact that your chat support agents may be juggling with multiple calls at a time. They want quality resolution to their queries barring which they switch their loyalty in a heartbeat.

Outsourcing vendors have wide experience in dealing with such situations. Below listed are the strategies they take to maintain quality while resolving customer queries swiftly:

  • At times customer may not have the time to type their issue in detail. In such cases agents share clickable options that correspond to customers’ issues. Those clickable options come with an inbuilt knowledge base. As soon as customers click on the best suited option, agents refer to the corresponding knowledge base to provide a quick and quality response.
  • Third-party vendors integrate customer engagement tools such as a case management CRM with chat support tools. Agents can refer to customers’ interaction history, location, loyalty status, and other factors. This helps to set the context of customers’ issues. Such a strategy places agents in a better position to resolve customers’ issues.

Better Cross Selling and Up Selling Opportunities

Most of the in-house support agents try cross selling or up selling pitch for products before they get onto query resolution or pitching it to the wrong customers. This adds to customers’ frustration and sends out a negative impression about your brand.

To avoid such a situation, third-party vendors use customer analytics that generate actionable insights into your website visitors’ preferences. Agents create sales pitch and include the right products in it based on the customer analytics insights. 

However, outsourcing vendors puts maximum stress on interaction quality to improve sales opportunity. They are driven by the thought that a timely, effective, and personal interaction builds customers’ confidence on your brand. This convinces them to finalize purchases without leaving the website.

Better Customer Experience

In-house agents often juggle between attending calls, replying to emails, and responding to chats. This prevents agents to bring their undivided attention on any one of the communication mediums. It results in poor customer query resolution, thereby yielding a bad customer experience.

Third-party experts dedicate agents specifically for chat support. This allows them to focus on improving their quality and speed of query resolution. Both speed and quality are the essential parameters of building a favorable relationship with customers. Supervisors keep a track of every conversation and shoot post-interaction surveys to customers to gauge their experience. Based on these insights, they regularly tweak their chat support script to strike the right chord with customers. 


The success of your partnership with a third-party chat support services provider is dependent on how the latter is aligned to your business goal. You must consider the main goal behind maintaining chat support, the part of your website where you want to include chat support, and their level of experience in your kind of product portfolio.

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