Tips To Choose Glasses For Your Face Shape

Now comes the fun part.

After you have chosen the right glasses for you, you will be able to find the perfect pair to complement your features and add a natural balance.

There are frames available for square, heart, round, oval, square, and diamond-shaped faces. The same applies to sunglasses. Follow our face-shape shopping tips to help you narrow down your options.

Get your measurements: If you want to shop for the perfect fit, it is important to measure your eyes.

Choose a color: For help in choosing the right style for you, see our guide to glasses frame colors.

We have plenty of frames that will suit your unique style preferences something like Stanley Tucci’s glasses, whether you want something bold or simple, modern or vintage, versatile or statement, and we can help you choose the right frame for you.

Glasses For Oval-Shaped Faces

Choose glasses that highlight your natural balance and add angles to your subtle curves for an oval-shaped face. Frames should be as wide as your face. This is usually the area around your eyes. Choose frames that are narrower than your nose.

  • Geometric shapes: Play with shapes and angular contrast
  • Browline: Wide frames complement a narrow silhouette

Sunglasses With Oval Faces

Eyewear can be fun. You can be bold and show your style with bold styles like a strong cat-eye or a pair of aviators. You can also opt for classic browline sunglasses.

Glasses For Diamond-Shaped Faces

The diamond-shaped face is defined by a narrow forehead, chin, and defined cheekbones.

Frames that draw attention to your eyes and bring a soft contrast to your angular features should be considered. For diamond-shaped faces, curved frames with delicate lines are a great complement.

Sunglasses For Diamond Faces

You should choose sunglasses that are bold and stand out against your features. A bold cat eye or classic eyebrow line will add contrast and softness. Rectangular sunglasses complement this look.

More Face Shapes And Features

We have some tips for you if you are looking for tips that focus on one particular feature or size of your face.

Glasses To A Small Face

You can find glasses that fit perfectly with your nose and are either slightly wider or slightly wider than your face. You can choose glasses that enhance your features without being too obvious, such as oval, rectangular, or cat-eye frames.

If you are looking for glasses that will fit long faces, choose a style and shape that is more contrastive, such as a square or geometric frame or an oversized style. Two-toned glasses are a great way to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

Glasses To Suit Large Heads Or Wide Faces

If you are looking for glasses to fit a large or wide head, slightly wider frames can be a good choice. They will often compliment your features.

Glasses For Bald Men

You should choose glasses that reflect your style and personality. Frames with sharp lines like squares or geometric will instantly create contrast. While frames with oval frames or rectangular frames have a subtler effect, they can be more noticeable.

Low-Bridge Fitting Glasses

Our Low Bridge Fit glasses are designed for people with narrow noses, high cheekbones, or wide faces. They provide a comfortable fit (no pinching, no sliding) and offer a secure fit.

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