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How can you add more security to your dedicated server?

No web server is ever out of the cyber-attackers sight whatsoever. Data breaches and various other malicious activities are wandering around in the web community, and everyone must be serious about their security concerns. The best move you can make to protect your website and sensitive data is to host your site on a dedicated server; however, you are not fully protected from the threats. Despite being on a dedicated server, you are still prone to cyber-attacks. However, we can help you to add more security to your dedicated server. Are you interested to know more? Keep reading this post!

Tips to add security to dedicated server:

A dedicated server service only your website and is committed to providing you security, but it is not enough sometimes. You don’t need to worry about your security concerns when you are on a dedicated server hosting, but it would be best to take a few steps to strengthen it further. What possible moves can you make? Keep scrolling to know as we have discussed them in the coming lines.

1. Opt for a managed server:

Keeping your server updated and secure manually often seems overwhelming, especially for non-technical persons. Although you can enjoy the perks of a dedicated server, you need to watch out for the security concerns if it is an unmanaged server. Why not keep all the headaches away and opt for a managed server?

A managed dedicated server has numerous plus points when compared with an unmanaged server. You can have a dedicated team of expert administrators at your disposal who looks after various activities for you. These activities include security patches, daily maintenance, and other crucial tasks.

2. Install DDoS protection:

The web industry is flooded with DDoS attacks and fake traffic these days, and you must protect against it. There has never been a good time to install DDoS protection on your dedicated server then now. Illegitimate traffic flooding often causes serious issues like server down, which can adversely affect your business performance. You need to take concrete steps to protect against this.

Installing a DDoS ensures your website only welcomes legitimate visitors. The added layer of security will filter through your visitor bank and throw out the fake ones. You can protect against attacks of various kinds by doing this. Does it sound too complex? Don’t panic! Connect with reliable web hosting companies in Dubai and let them watch the security concerns for you.

3. Install regular updates and patches:

You might be putting your website or dedicated server at risk of malware attacks if you have this bad habit of clicking “remind me later.” Most people do so when they receive security updates notifications without proper reading and later complain about security concerns. You need to install these updates and patches regularly as soon as you get the notification.

Another positive move you can make for better security is regularly checking for these updates without the prompt. These updates are designed to fix security vulnerabilities and firewall issues in your dedicated server.

4. Use trusted networks only:

Are you sure the network you are using to log in to your dedicated server account is secure enough? If not, you need to take a moment and think about it! It might sound less convincing, but it is probably an effective way to add more security to your dedicated server. Logging in to your account using public or open networks is tomfoolery and may put your server at risk.

Using untrusted networks and protocols is not recommended when signing in to your hosting account. It would be best to go with trusted networks whose security is sure to be strong enough. You may face serious security threats if you log in otherwise.

5. Schedule data backups:

Do you have a recent back of your website data if you suddenly lose all your current credentials and sensitive data? If not, you are doomed! Malware attacks and data breaches are unsure of happening, and you must protect your site and data by scheduling regular data backups. Doing so will allow you to restore your compromised or lost data with as little delay as possible.

People who are not from technical backgrounds often face difficulty when it comes to taking backups. DO you fall in the same category? Don’t worry! You have an easy solution available at your disposal. All you need to do is hire web hosting companies in Dubai and let them do the rest for you.

Strengthen your website security with web hosting!

Wen hosting plans are the best options to add more security to your sensitive data and website. Since the current web environment is full of data breaches threats, it would be best to buy hosting plans from reliable web hosting providers. Consider connecting with them today!


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