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Tips on Choosing Suitable DVD Maker for Windows 10

If you have older editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will use the DVD authoring application. It is available in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista. However, if you have upgraded it to Windows 8 or 10, you cannot do anything about it. Microsoft has removed the program from Windows 8 onwards. Hence, your best bet in this situation is to go for dvd maker for windows 10 by downloading the software from a reliable site.

You must download the app from an authentic source so that your computer doesn’t get ruined by malicious attacks from viruses and other malware. If you search the internet, you may find a good site, or otherwise, you can download the app right here at topwin-dvd-maker.org, which is risk-free. The site has its powerful anti-virus software that checks and scrutinizes each download for viruses, malware, or Trojans.

How to Download the Software?

You will not find any problems with downloading dvd maker from the above site as it is very secure. Your first step is to go to Start, and in All Programs, you open Windows DVD Maker. You click on the button and start downloading. After that, you install the same on your computer and you can check sound through walker handsets. The next is to burn the DVDs using the software.

The next step is to choose the Photos and Videos button, and by clicking on it, you create Add Items dialog. You import the pictures, videos, and photos to the library area. When you add the pictures to the program, these will be stored in a folder known as Slide Show. Here, you have the options to add, rearrange, or remove the pictures, photos, or videos.

The next step is to select your DVD drive from the dropdown menu of the DVD burner at the upper right-hand corner. You then drop a name in the DVD title field at the bottom. Next, hit the Options link in the dvd maker windows app to open the DVD Options dialog. Now, set the playback starting point and click Ok to confirm it.

After this, the DVD menu styles will appear, and you can change the background and other elements. Finally, you insert a blank DVD into your computer, and you click the Close button if the dvd maker software asks you to make another copy of the DVD. However, if you wish for another copy, you may say so.

Powerful and Handy Application

The Windows DVD Maker is a neat, handy, and powerful application that allows you to create personalized multimedia DVDs and do the same by using any pictures, images, videos, and even music. Again, it will enable you to burn the created DVDs and save them to ISO disc image files or local DVD folders.

The windows dvd maker also supports a large variety of DVD types. It includes DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-5, DVD-9, Mini DVD, Mini DVD DL. It can also burn DVD videos of many formats. It includes AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, 3GP, etc. It also supports up to 32 subtitles tracks for the movie DVD.

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