Tips from Pethempcompany CBD Corporation on Buying Products for your Pet

CBD products are not only beneficial to humans but animals too. They are added to animal food and treats. The products are still unregulated but can be fed to cats and dogs to boost their immune and general health.

Like humans, the oils can help relieve anxiety and pain in dogs and cats. Any pet owner is recommended to use foods rich in CBD if their pet has joint problems, epilepsy, cancer, or any allergies. 

The product works more efficiently for a pet with allergies if you apply it externally on wounds or spots. Before making purchases from any Pethempcompany CBD Corporation, you need to know how to select the product for your pets.

  1. Extract Type

Before making any purchases, read the label to ensure the product is either full spectrum or broad spectrum. Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products do not exclusively contain CBD. They have other cannabinoids, including cannabichromene and cannabigerol. 

Cannabichromene has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It also has agents that can fight cancer cells. On the other hand, cannabigerol protects the eyes and their nerves. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. 

A full-spectrum product has terpenes too. A mix of CBD and terpenes is more efficient and productive.

  1. Extraction Method

Cannabidiols are extracts from the cannabis Sativa plant. It is usually extracted from the leaves or flowers of the plant. However, CBD is mainly from the hemp plant because it contains almost no THC. THC is not recommended because of its psychoactive effects.

There are many ways of extraction, including steam distillation. The two main methods are carbon dioxide and solvent extraction. Solvent extraction is a cheaper method that uses solvents such as propane which may retain in the end product creating a risk to your dog.

The most recommended method is CO2 extraction. Here, carbon dioxide breaks down the hemp, producing oils rich in CBD. This extraction method is expensive but safer because carbon dioxide is a non-volatile element. 

CO2 extraction is considered to provide the most efficient and purest end-products. Read the label to ensure the product you buy was made from this extraction method.

  1. Laboratory Certification

Ensure you purchase your product from a store –physical or online- that has laboratory reports and certifications. A certificate of analysis is essential as it cross-checks what has been written on the product’s label, including ingredients and expiry.

A third-party laboratory that has no links with the manufacturers conducts the analysis. They provide an unbiased, objective, and factual analysis. 

The lab investigates the history of the product, extraction method, potency, levels, and shelf life. Product testing is essential because CBD has inconsistencies in its dosages, and some may contain dangerous solvents like propane.

Any good store publishes these certificates of analysis on their website. If a shop does not have the certificate, walk away without making any purchases. Read more here 

  1. Price

The extraction and monitoring of cannabidiol is a tedious and expensive process. In addition to that, a company has to pay for third-party laboratory tests. This means that the product will be relatively expensive.

Note that many people are in the business to make money and not sell quality. Beware of stores offering a significantly low price as it reflects the quality of what you are purchasing. However, an expensive offer does not always warranty the safety and effectiveness.

Normalize reading through product labels and familiarizing yourself with the ingredients indicated. You are at liberty to compare the prices of different stores. 

Do not make purchases that will be a financial constraint if a store sells affordable and their products are legit. You can opt to buy from a local store if purchasing online requires shipments fees.

  1.  Reviews and References

Sometimes, we need constant reassurance that the purchases we are making will be legit and effective. Whether physical or online, most stores have websites that they use for marketing and attracting traffic. Find the websites and get time to read through their customer reviews.

You get an insight into what you are buying and other people’s experiences by reading reviews. You get a feel of what to expect. Check to see how the company interacts with their customers too. It is also important to how they respond to feedback, whether positive or complaints. Are they professional when responding to complaints? 

If there are complaints about a particular shop, then do not risk buying from them because chances are you might be treated as badly as the last customer was. A website with a closed-off comment section is probably a scam. Do not fall victim. Reviews and ratings mirror the reputation of a company.

It is easier to buy pet hemp products from a preferred store. You can get referrals from friends, family, or colleagues who have pets. Your veterinarian can also recommend a place where you can get hemp food for your dogs and cats. Click here for more insights.


Before incorporating hemp products into your pet’s meal plan, consult your veterinarian. This is essential, especially if your pet takes other supplements or medications, to avoid tampering with its metabolism.

 Dosage greatly depends on the condition you are treating. For example, the dosage is slightly lower if the dog has anxiety than pain. Ensure you get the correct dosage from your vet. Buy oils with a long shelf life to maximize their use before expiration. Hemp products have low levels of THC ensuring your pet has no psychoactive effects.    

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