Tips for traveling when pregnant

Just because you are pregnant does not mean that you cannot travel. But at the same time, you need to take necessary steps to ensure safety while traveling.

First, talk to your doctor

The first course of action is confirming with the best gynecologist in Lahore if it is safe for you to travel. Some women have pregnancy risks that makes traveling unsafe for them.

Not only can these problems cause an issue during commute but afterwards as well. Therefore, get clearance from your doctor, inform them of the details of traveling, for example, how long will the commute be, are you traveling someplace familiar, the mode of traveling, etc.

Pack considering your condition

Make sure to keep the things that you might require immediately handy. If you are traveling via road, load them in your bag that you will be keeping handy and not in the boot of the car, or hand carry on the plane.

Pack your medication

To be on the safe side, pack your medication and some extra as well, in case your trip runs over. You do not know for a fact if you can buy the medication from the place you are traveling to, so better to have everything on you.

Also, have a picture or copy of your prescription handy, in case you lose your medication and have to buy it.

Make sure to drink water

Drinking water while traveling might not be something you would like to do, as using public loos are not everyone’s cup of tea and making the car stop after ever few might also be irritating, but you must.

So, keep a water bottle handy. If it is hot and you are sweating, then you must also amp up your water intake.

Handy accessories

Always keep your water bottle with you, as it is safer than relying solely on buying bottled water. Similarly, have a pillow handy especially since sitting for prolonged periods in uncomfortable seats and wear out your back. It is good to keep compression socks with you as well. Try to have spare set of panties with you in case there are any leakages, since urinary incontinence during pregnancy is common.

Wear seatbelt on the road

Wearing a seatbelt is non-negotiable. Some women are told it can harm the baby; do not worry, it does not. Moreover, others might feel the belt causing discomfort, but try to push past it. When securing the belt, make sure that the lap belt comes underneath your baby bump.

Dress comfortably

Sure, you want to look pretty for the ‘Gram, but you must prioritize your comfort over style when traveling in pregnancy. You do not know how long exactly the commute will take; travelling delays do not exactly give a heads up. Therefore, rather than making yourself extremely uncomfortable, and being miserable as a result, aim for comfort.

Do not forget your footwear; wear sensible shoes; you might have to walk a lot on the airport.

Walk after every few

Sitting for long periods may not be possible during pregnancy; while it is still easier during the first trimester, it becomes harder towards the end.

Moreover, during pregnancy, the risk of deep vein thrombosis increases. In this condition, blood clots form in the legs, and can potentially travel to the lungs to cause a life-threatening condition, pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, try to move about after two hours or so. Another precautionary step that you can take is wearing compression socks. If you cannot move about, then at least move your legs.

If you notice chest pain, irregular heartbeat and problems breathing, immediately get medical help. 

Have your doctor’s details handy

It is also important that you travel with your medical files and records just in case you need to go to some facility urgently. Moreover, have the contact information of the best gynecologist in Rawalpindi with you, so that in case of an emergency, you can contact your doctor.

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