Tips For Painting Your Rental Property Interior

If you have a rental property, painting or repainting your home is an ongoing task. The home must be ready for a new tenant every time a long-term tenant moves out. It is important to re-paint the home now and again due to natural wear and tear. Repainting your rental properties can be a time-consuming task if you have many renters or own multiple properties. It is always possible to make the process easier.

This article will provide some key points to keep in mind when painting your rental property. These are some of the best-tested strategies that have proven successful for other investors. Combining the ideas from this post will make your repainting rental much easier, more affordable, and quicker. You can revive your home’s walls, brighten them up, and highlight their important features with less effort than in the past.

These are our top tips for painting the interior of your rental property.

1. Select The Right Colors

The hardest part of choosing the right colors for your rental property is the paint color. It can be difficult for landlords to choose the right colors. There are many color options and shades available, and landlords cannot predict which one’s tenants will like best. This problem can be solved by choosing neutral colors. Neutral colors include grey, beige and tan. Neutrals are best because they don’t clash with tenants’ furniture or decor. The neutrals make rooms appear larger and brighter.

2. Select The Right Paint Type

Children who have dirty hands like to rub their hands on the walls. The right paint finish can make it much easier to remove stains and scuff marks from the walls of your rental. You will have to re-paint your rental more often with some finishes. Others are easy to clean and don’t require repainting.

These are the finishes available, and how to use them.

Matte or flat paint finish: This low-sheen finish is great for hiding cracks and patches. This is ideal for areas with low traffic such as bedrooms and ceilings.

Eggshell finish: This is a washable and non-glossy finish that has a subdued velvety look. It is prone to surface imperfections and roller marks. It’s best for areas with low traffic, such as bathrooms or enclosed porches.

Satin finish: This finish is slightly glossier and is great for painting areas that are subject to moisture or have moderate traffic. Paint flaws such as brush strokes will be visible in the paint.

Semi-gloss finish: This semi-gloss finish is durable and washable with a radiant shine. This finish is suitable for high-moisture and medium-traffic areas. It can be used in all areas of your home.

Hi-gloss finish: This sheen is extremely reflective and hardy, but impervious to water. This is the best choice for surfaces that are frequently used. It is easy to clean most stains and splatters.

3. Keep Your Walls The Same Color In All Of Your Rentals

No matter how many rentals you have, the same color should be used for all walls. This is an excellent idea. This will reduce the time it takes to complete your apartment. Before you go to the paint store make sure you know exactly what you need. Also, ensure that it matches the walls. You can also buy large quantities of paint and receive volume discounts.

4. Use Affordable Paint

Painting is a regular expense. The lower your paint costs, the better. While more expensive paint will do a better job than cheap paint, it is usually negligible. Regardless of what paint type you choose; walls will typically require two coats. It doesn’t matter if you use two coats or not, so why spend the extra money on expensive paint? If the paint performs at the same level or better than cheaper paints, it is not a good idea to spend a lot on paint. It is best to purchase the mid-priced painting.

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