THOMAS SABO Birthstone Charms

Birthdays are always special and remembering those milestones is always something so important to try and do. There are plenty of options to remember those unforgettable moments with THOMAS SABO and their collection of birthstone charms. Founded in 1984 by Thomas Sabo in Bavaria, THOMAS SABO has been a family run business ever since. The business has gone onto become internationally famous for its hand finished creations and exquisite silver jewellery. With 190 THOMAS SABO stores across 29 different countries and more than 2100 selected jewellers, including T. H. Baker and The Jewel Hut stocking their items, the brand has definitely established itself worldwide.

Explore the vast selection of charms and join the millions of THOMAS SABO Charm Club members who love interchanging their jewellery to reflect their personalities and interests. Personalise your jewellery with the THOMAS SABO Charm Club collection; with over 500 original motifs to choose from, each piece of jewellery can be fine-tuned to suit each individuals taste. With a large selection of both birthstone and zodiac charms, you’re sure to give them something that will help them remember that special birthday for a lifetime.

Every month of the year has a specific stone that represents that birth month and every stone has its own meaning. January is the Garnet; it is a red gemstone that is known as a protective stone. February’s stone is Amethyst, a purple stone that is associated with spirituality, mental clarity and healing. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March; the stone is of a blue-green colour and is associated with marital happiness and superior intellect.

April is the Diamond, prized for their beauty and clarity, the diamond is associated with strength and eternal love. Emeralds for May, a deep green coloured gemstone that legend has it can make the wearer have heightened intelligence, objective thinking and healing. June’s birthstone represents wisdom and power, the Pearl has many other associations but is also a popular choice for jewellery not formally connected to birthstones.

July is the stunning Ruby, a bright red gemstone that signifies strength. This gemstone was normally favoured by warriors due to their connection with physicality. August is the Peridot, known as a protective gemstone that is always green in colour. September is the stunning Sapphire, also considered a protective gemstone, normally blue however the Sapphire can vary in colour.

Opals are associated with light and magic due to their dynamic appearance, the October birthstone is the most delicate and must be worn with great care. Citrine is predominantly associated with healing; this yellow to red-orange gemstone is the birthstone for November. The December birthstone is Tanzanite, a violet-blue stone that signifies intuition and perception, which is supposed to bring calmness to the wearer.

Birthstones mean a lot to people and you can provide someone you love with a truly special gift by giving them the gift of a THOMAS SABO Charm that is their birthstone. To shop the latest collection of THOMAS SABO Charms and the other birthstone collection, head online to The Jewel Hut now or visit one of our selected T. H. Baker store.

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