Things you should know about the azure cloud solution provider.

The popularity of cloud services is increasing day by day. Azure cloud solution provider is a company that offers businesses cloud-based infrastructure, networks, and software applications. The cloud solution provider has a direct partnership with Microsoft. Work directly Microsoft has designed to allow cloud solution providers to offer Microsoft’s products and services. There are many services that cloud solution providers offer, and they consider into three categories: Software as a service, Platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. Now we will discuss such things as what you should know about cloud solution providers.

  • The Azure Cloud Solution Provider program implies clouds such as Microsoft Public Cloud, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online and other product solutions. Also offers security such as the Enterprise Mobility Suite and cloud platform services from Azure.
  • The Cloud Solution Provider is not only a licensing program but also the Cloud Solution Provider’ provides you with Microsoft public cloud subscriptions, such as Office365, Enterprise Mobility Suite Azure and Dynamics CRM Online. Cloud solution providers offer the same flexible service that you would get from Microsoft directly; cloud solution providers partners also provide mandatory 24/7 support to users. The CSP is more than a licensing solution.
  • If you hold a premise software licensing, you must eliminate another licensing contract with Microsoft via a Microsoft partner.
  • The cloud solution providers are also applicable to foreign subsidiaries, but it depends on geographically divided regions. You can access the CSP in your foreign locations or businesses with the same CSP agreement while within the same region where the cloud solution providers Agreement is signed.
  • Azure Cloud Solution Provider offers another facility. If you want to stop your subscription, you can stop it at any time because the CSP program generally provides a monthly subscription, which means you can start this or stop this according to your time. Before starting your subscription, you have to notice one thing; some cloud solution providers s provide the first 12-month subscription.
  • The Cloud solution provider partner offer you support that will invoice you with a payment option. Also, they handle their payment directly with Microsoft, for the cloud subscriptions or via a Microsoft distributor; while your Cloud Solution Provider partner is an indirect CSP partner but it’s not a matter to worry about; the Cloud Solution Provider partner is the only partner that you have to deal with.
  • Cloud subscriptions are considered a contract with Microsoft, and with this, your Microsoft cloudsolution providers partner will receive support and invoices from them. Microsoft offers the cloud software solution as a service and determines the conditions of using purpose. Microsoft Cloud contract also received the Microsoft Online Service. The Cloud Agreement has a legal bond between the organization and Microsoft.
  • Cloud solution provider also offers indirect CSP partner by which you will get your service to the market in a faster and more straightforward way. This infrastructure experience saves your upfront costs while using your Cloud solution provider program. Also, this infrastructure allows you to focus on your customer and business growth at a more radio pace.


Cloud solution providers provide subscriptions and services with several benefits; the benefits are the monthly consumption and billing also, and only one invoicing partner is enough for subscriptions and services. You will get the best local support and service using cloud solution providers’ facilities. Cloud solution provider services are worked in off-site data centres and can be accessed online. Businesses, rather than purchasing and managing their infrastructure as per their requirements and pay daily.

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