Things to make sure before get yourself a second-hand old bike.

The Indian Subcontinent is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for second hand vehicles, mostly two-wheelers.  Such two-wheelers, ranging between motorbikes to scooters, are indeed the lifeblood for travelling public. For so many, a used two-wheeler will be their first private purchase, and it functions as much more than simply a source of transportation. Owning a personal automobile is a pipe dream for Rural & semi-urban populations. The worry for contamination through taking the bus throughout a pandemic is significant, more than ever now. This apprehension have resulted in increased in the market for second hand two-wheelers as a means of personality’s movement.

Pre-owned typically implies pre-loved, meaning in pure financial terms you’ll conserve your hard earned rupees. While purchasing a second hand two-wheeler may appear to be a cost-effective option, there are some factors to consider first.

The level of affection which a motorcyclist feels for his or her bicycle is the same whether it is fresh or used. Purchasing a motorcycle for maybe the first occasion is an unforgettable experience. Sometimes individuals could afford an expensive bike, however this does not imply people must abandon their desire.

For someone on a strict budget, purchasing a used motorcycle is indeed an excellent alternative.

Aspects to Ponder Prior to actually purchasing a Used Bike

Determine the goal.

Consider the reason for acquiring a motorcycle. You must consider servicing, bike coverage, gasoline, and other costs in addition to the cost of acquiring a motorcycle. For instance, would you need a bike to assist you travel inside a fuel-efficient manner, or would you need a cruiser bicycle to go on long journeys? 

Collect and analyse data

When you’ve decided on a mission, it’s essential to do some detailed study upon that possibilities accessible. Various dealerships may charge various prices for the motorcycle. The age of the motorcycle would also vary depending on the dealership. You would not have to rely on a motorcycle dealership to purchase a used motorcycle. You could get it through a buddy or by a reputable internet site.

Examine the motorbike

Examine the bike you’re about to buy like you’re a detective. Examine it carefully. Around the outside, keep an eye out for bumps and scrapes.


A motorcycle may appear spectacular externally, but you really should experience it to understand how something performs. Test riding a bicycle would provide you with information about the motorcycle’s actual quality. If you really are familiar about motorcycle maintenance, even just a five-minute trip could provide information about just the bicycle’s healthiness. But if you’re a beginner, you could trial commute by bike with a seasoned acquaintance or a trustworthy technician.

Examine the registration information

Take a little time once you’re satisfied with the motorcycle and you’re almost certain to buy, just then to look out for its own identification code. The license number and the motor numbers will be the same. This number may be hard to discover on older motorcycles, but a technician may quickly find it. The very same chassis identification must also appear on the certificate of registration. 

Examine the documentation

After you’ve completed all testing methods, double-check your vehicle’s papers prior reaching the big purchase. Constantly look for a certification or an RC book when purchasing some used two-wheeler from a reputable seller. If indeed the dealership or internet brand does not, you must check the owner’s identity, motor and serial numbers, model number, and other information from the License Application.

Examine the vehicle’s coverage to see if it is current.

  1. PUC Certified (Pollution under Control): According to the National Motor Vehicle Act, each motorist must have a current PUC license, therefore verify to see whether their two-wheeler has only one, if not, you may acquire one.
  2. Maintenance Record: Any certified two-wheeler distributor will also have a comprehensive support recording from reputable service facilities. It is documented that perhaps the two-wheeler has indeed been maintained on a routine basis and is in good resale shape. 

When buying a bike, the performance, purpose and appearance of the bike are crucial. I definitely want to make an impression when sprinting through the alleys of the city or climbing off-road territories. An important point that is often ignored is to buy a new or used bike. This doesn’t seem to be an important factor in the bike’s great features, but it certainly makes a difference, especially financially. 

Here are a few mentions about the strengths and weaknesses of buying second hand. 

Benefits of buying a used bike: 

Low Cost-Buying a bike that lasts for months will give you a better price than a new model. Reduced premiums-Even if the difference isn’t big, the age of the bike will reduce its value and lower your premiums. 

Seller’s Choice-Used bicycles can be purchased from individual sellers as they can provide accurate vehicle history details. The dealer, on the other hand, can fix any problems that may exist. 

Disadvantages of buying a used bicycle: 

Vehicle History-You will never know history. When purchasing from a dealer, it is best to have a certified mechanic check the vehicle specifications.

Maintenance-When it comes to maintenance, older bicycles are more costly. You may also need to spend on unexpected repairs. 

Rating-Try to find out if the motorcycle is worth the money you pay for it. You can check online resources and various showrooms to make better decisions. 

When buying a second-hand bike, which though is a great choice but as mentioned earlier really needs to sure of who you get evolved in business with. Especially if you come across a deal like, used bikes between 30k to 50k in delhi you need to be extra sure. There is no denial to the fact that getting a used bike under 30 to 50 thousand in delhi, is a legit dream deal, but a responsible buyer should fully understand that there safety is in their own hands. Having mentioned all pros and cons as well as what you need to do in order check your vehicle before getting it, we think you are definitely good to go! 

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