Things to know about graphic design courses in India

Today, the demand for graphic designers has increased considerably. This can be credited to rapid digitisation. Since many big and small brands are taking over the virtual space, the need for creative and engaging visual content has become more prevalent than ever. As a result, companies are actively seeking skilful graphic designers to help them in this department. 

Given such a scope, today’s aspirants can apply for graphic design courses to kickstart a career in this field. In India, several institutes offer them, which hone natural talent and guide students on the right track. So, here are things you need to know about them:

What is graphic design?

To know what a graphic design course entails, you should first understand what graphic design means. Graphic design is the craft of creating visual content to communicate ideas effectively. It plays a significant role in promoting or advertising products. 

What does a graphic design course offer?

This design course is meant to upskill and refine your talents. Its sole purpose is to advance your career in graphic design by offering interactive learning, expert mentorship, and an industry-relevant curriculum. The latter covers topics like:

  • Fundamentals of design
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Brand Identity
  • User Interface
  • Design process & thinking
  • Visual ergonomics
  • Design for moving image

Most institutes in India also provide students with two course options: A Postgraduate Diploma and a Diploma course.

Postgraduate Diploma: This full-time course covers a range of fundamentals and advanced concepts of graphic design. It is usually split into two terms, each covering a different set of topics. At the end of the second term, students get guaranteed placement. 

Diploma: This course touches on the fundamentals of graphic design. It introduces you to the field by teaching you a host of concepts like branding, publication design, promotional campaign, etc. Upon completion, you also get placement assistance. 

Why apply for a graphic design course?

Applying for a comprehensive course is a smart way to equip yourself with valuable knowledge. For instance, to become a graphic designer, students opt for a relevant course for proper training. After completing the course, you can explore exciting career prospects like:

  • Brand communicator- They combine activities such as advertising, reviews, and social media to communicate with potential and existing customers.
  • Visual designer- They design digital content for platforms like games, intranet sites, games, movies, etc.
  • Visual communicator- They use digital elements to communicate a brand’s ideas and information to the target audience.
  • Social media designer- Social media designers post content on social media platforms, design graphic material, and attract consumers through them.


Opting for a graphic design course sets you up for success as it offers valuable industry insights. Hence, you should consider applying for one to build a promising career in the field. 

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