Things to Consider When Searching for Professional Writers for Hire

Content has become an important pillar of any industry that requires a digital presence. Content not only brings visibility to business on a digital platform, but it also educates people about a business and its services. With the growing digital existence of businesses, content has become the source of communication.

With the growing importance of content, the requirement of content writers has been increasing exponentially. Hiring content writers isn’t as easy as it sounds. One needs to consider a lot of factors and aspects before they hire the right writer. In this article, we shall be discussing the things to consider while hiring a content writer.

  1. The skill:

No matter how much a candidate’s qualification is if they aren’t skilled enough, it is like a cow’s opinion. To evaluate the skill of a candidate you could ask them to pen down a sample article for you. Assign them a topic related to their expertise and forte, so that they can perform their best at it. 

Very often, content writers pertain to writing sample articles for a website or company. A major reason behind it is that many companies use the sample articles on their website, even if the candidate is disqualified. If the candidate refuses to write a sample article, you can ask them to provide you with a link to one of their published articles.  

When you’re analyzing the article, make sure you pay attention to aspects like readability, grammar, spelling, and flow of the article. These qualities make an article more readable and reader-friendly. 

  1. Experience:

Experience brings efficiency to one’s work but it often makes it mundane. Very often, people with extra experience tend to follow a “formula”, which might be impressive at first but with time, it becomes a routine and turns even the most amusing articles into a boring piece of information.

Do not pertain to hiring writers who do not have much experience, they will always have a fresh writing style to bring to the table. Also, one benefit of looking for experience is that an experienced writer knows the technical aspects of writing like keywords and clickbait, which a debutant writer might not be aware of. You can hire experienced writers via different platforms available on the internet. You can hire freelance medical writers or even biotechnology researchers by using a freelance platform like Kolabtree.

  1. Excitement:

Enthusiasm is a key feature to look for in a candidate. Enthusiasm is what lets a person keep going each day, even when the routine gets mundane and on days that have nothing new to offer. When you interview candidates, ask them about what attracted them to the job profile and look for someone who has questions for you. 

A candidate’s ability to question is a reflection of their interest in the job profile and how curious they are to learn new stuff. You can place certain questions before them about their experience in the same industry, or how did they feel about the interview process, ask them about their feedback on interacting with the company and anything that requires them to bring forward their opinion on the job, and aspects of it.

  1. Knowledge:

It is very important for a candidate to know the basic details about the company they’re applying for. When you’re exchanging emails with the candidate, make sure you pay keen attention to the details like how they spell the company’s name.

Once you’re in an interview with the candidate, ask them questions about the company, and check if they have done basic research about the company. It shows how sincere they are about the job and if they take the job offer seriously. Also, ask them how content is relevant to your industry and how it can help the industry.

  1. Salary expectations:

Salary expectation is the most important question that needs to be asked to the candidate in the first piece of the conversation, even if it’s via mail. If their salary expectation matches your affordability, you can go forward with the next rounds, but if their expectations are more than you can offer, make sure you mention this to them and ask them if they are ready to cut off their prices, they can move forward with the next round. Once you reach the last round of the recruitment process, which generally is the interview round, make sure you ask them what goes into their writing process.

  1. Outsource the process

When it comes to finding new employees, there are many aspects that must be considered. Do you have the time and resources for this task? Can an outside party help with recruitment without burdening your team members or disrupting workflows in other departments at their current level within a company’s hierarchy? When you outsource your recruitment processes and outsource employee management to an EOR, it is easier to maximize efficiency and save time by hiring qualified candidates for the vacant positions. As a result of this, significant reduction in important metrics such as cost-per-hire or per hour, worked on each occasion – not forgetting qualifications.


While hiring a content writer, make sure you pay attention to their skills. You can do so by asking them for a sample article. Also, ask them for their experience in writing and the industry. The writer should be curious to learn and should have a basic knowledge about your company. Ask them about their salary expectation and make sure they match with what you offer to your employees. You can hire freelance medical writers by using a freelance platform like Kolabtree.

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