These are the top 10 ways to make cat proof fences that work effectively

This is an effective and simple way to keep your cats safe. Because the chain link fence can be hung up easily, it won’t require many supports. You might need support for softer materials more often. The chain link fencing can prove difficult to cut. Make sure you have the right tools. This is an economical way to keep your cats restrained.

Most likely, you won’t stop your cat exploring or from being curious. But, you can put in some effort to stop them leaving your yard. We have some wonderful cat proof fences. You’re free to take what your heart desires, change what you don’t like and adapt any that suits your needs. These are just some ideas. It is up to you to make these yours! 

Soft, Bendable Materials 

Cat-proof softer materials are used to make fences. This material is still suitable for fencing, but it has some serious flexibility. This can be used curled or rolled up. If your cat is allowed to stand on it, it will fold under their weight. 

Mesh Fence w/ Overhang 

It looks like the cat proof fence is made from mesh. It is high enough with its overhang that the cat cannot escape even after climbing a tree nearby. It’s all one piece instead of having separate fencing and a cat-proof extension. 

Brackets, Chicken Wire 

Here’s an example of how chicken wire and shelf brackets can be used to mount your cat proof fence solidly. These are affordable materials that can be used DIY to make cat proof fence. While it may not be the most visually appealing, it is inexpensive and easy-to-install. 

Large Overhang 

If you would prefer to have a cat-proof fence that looks good and is also effective, you could model it after this one. This overhang is considerable, at most several feet. This support might be custom-made, but they are likely to be replaced at your local hardware store. 

Steel & Wire with Larger Overhang 

This freestanding enclosure for cats is made from steel and can be used to house any type of cat. It seems like the enclosure was made to give the cat a great perch, elevated walking path, and a lot of love. 

Single-piece curved fencing 

The whole fence and the cat-containing overhang are made out of one piece. This fencing is simply bent over to create this overhang. This cat proof fence installation is easy and quick. It looks great! 

Aesthetic Mesh Overhang 

The bright green color of the overhang blends with the trees and is a great way to keep your yard from looking like a prison. 


This is the cat proof fence that is quite unique. This fence is more than just a cat-proof one. It’s spring-loaded! The spring will propel your cat off the fence when it climbs up. It’s a good thing cats always land on the ground! 

Spinning Overhang 

This concept is less intimidating than those with large overhangs designed to keep the cat in check. In this example, the roof is at the top. The spinning wheel rotates every time your cat grabs on to it. It makes it impossible for your cat to grab on to it and make it impossible to climb over. 

Steel Cable & PVC Pipe 

This DIY version might be a better option if you don’t like the original idea, but think it would look expensive on your cat proof fence. It’s based on the same principles, except that you’ll be using steel cable and PVC tube, which can be easily available at local hardware store.

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