The Uses of Liquified Petroleum Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is derived from the refining process of crude oil or natural gas streams. It is highly used in many Aussie residences for cooking and heating systems but these are not the only uses of LPG. Let’s explore other industries and ventures that enjoys the benefits of LPG.

The Uses of Liquified Petroleum Gas

1.    Kitchen Fuel

Food is essential in every life. Whether at home or in restaurants and cafes, cooks and chefs use LPG to provide good food on the table. It offers controlled heat that ensures the quality and freshness of the food that you serve.

Although you can use other ways to cook food, like electricity, wood and kerosene, LPG offers far better results than other kitchen fuel alternatives. It is more eco-friendly as it does not produce soot or carbon monoxide that can increase greenhouse gases.

2.    Autogas

Many vehicles were previously powered by diesel or unleaded petrol. In recent years, the use of LPG as an autogas has increased in popularity. It offers far better performance and many car owners attest to having cleaner engines.

LPG autogas is more cost and energy-efficient. Vehicular emission using LPG does not gravely impact the environment. It is less damaging to the atmosphere since carbon dioxide emissions are kept at a low rate.

3.    Heating Systems

Another major use of LPG in homes and businesses is to fuel their hot water systems. Many households need hot water in many applications. This includes a hot shower and drinking water, warm water for dishwashing, cooking and other kitchen needs, and filling up your fish tanks.

In some instances, heating systems may also encompass residential and commercial heating systems, especially during cold weather. Keeping the building’s ambience at a regulated heat can help increase the efficiency of individuals. LPG helps achieve these purposes while ensuring that everyone is comfortable at all times.

4.    Turbine Energy

Turbines produce the electricity that many residences, businesses and other industries use as a power source.

But did you know that most of these turbines are fueled by liquefied petroleum gas?

For huge power plants that utilise turbines to supply countless properties with the power they need, LPG provides utmost efficiency. It ensures that these turbines never run out of fuel to guarantee comfort in every home or business. It also reduces the risk of unwanted power interruptions.

5.    Manufacturing Companies

Big manufacturers rely on the most affordable source of energy, that is, LPG. Many pieces of machinery and equipment in the paper, textile, food processing, plastic and other manufacturing companies are powered by LPG.

Similarly, the use of gas is more cost and energy-efficient, not to mention eco-friendlier. The best thing about using LPG is that operations barely get interrupted. The continued supply of fuel assures manufacturing companies that they meet their deadlines while producing quality items.

6.    Refrigerant

Refrigerants are substances used in many refrigeration cycles of appliances and equipment. This may include ammonia, dry ice and carbon dioxide. They act as cooling agents that tend to absorb heat emitted by the machine.

Some air conditioning systems, refrigerators and dehumidifiers use LPG as an alternative to the usual cooling agents. It works to move the boiled and condensed heat to another medium while cooling off the valves to produce the needed coolness.

7.    Galvanising Process

Galvanising processes are typically applied to steel or metal for quality and a smooth finish. In most cases, galvanisation is best applied to coat iron with zinc preventing it from rusting. In which case, galvanised irons can last longer.

8.    Melting Metals

Another amazing use of LPG is melting metals. The best thing about LPG is that its heat temperature can be adjusted according to your needs. Melting metals like aluminium need an extremely high temperature from their power source.

Although electricity can provide this need, using gas can save up to 25% of electricity consumption. Aside from that, the use of LPG also offers less contamination to the process since it is a clean-burning fuel.

9.    Agricultural Application

The Agricultural industry offers many benefits to the community. People get to enjoy fresh and quality produce and meat from farms and ranches. For them to provide for the daily needs of consumers, they use LPG to fuel up their pieces of machinery.

In some cases, they use LPG for the heating systems used for the development and growth of livestock and cattle. It can also be used for food processing and crop drying. Forklifts powered by gas also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions while keeping up with the business needs and ensuring your profitability.

10.         Chemical Production

Chemical production include paints, varnish and polymers. In mixing solutions and blending mixtures of these chemical compounds, controlled or regulated temperature is required. LPG offers the most cost, time and energy-efficient systems to ensure quality products.

These are just 10 of the many ways you can take advantage of LPG. If you are looking for the most reliable and affordable energy source, it may be best to try LPG whether for home use or commercial application.

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