The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Email marketing is the targeting of consumers through email. It can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways. It’s a more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing.

It continues to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to market businesses as well as brands of all sizes. Yet marketers are still trying to crack the code and find the best recipe for their email marketing campaigns.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very powerful lever for lead generation within your arsenal of inbound marketing tools and here, we present you with the ultimate cheat sheet on email marketing. Note that you should also use other methods of driving traffic to your website, such as content creation and the use of websites that allow you to buy YouTube likes

1. Authentic ‘From’ Address

The first step, even before sending an email is that you would have to create an email id which is genuine and original.

Normally, the ‘from’ address is someone’s name or a random nickname. If your prospect notices a weird or unreal ‘from’ address then he would definitely move the email to the bin. So, try and experiment with genuine names(your name of course!).

Try adding your First Name and Last Name, that would be genuine and works most of the time. Else you could add your name and your Company’s Name, this will be evident and avoid being a spam email. Don’t ever make it look like a machine-email.

2. Attractive Subject Line

The first thing that pops on the screens or their mobile phones is the subject line of your email. Hence, the subject line has to be one heck of a first impression because remember it could turn out to be your last impression as well. You must make it look clear and very attractive that it stands out of the many spam emails in their inbox.

Don’t follow the crowd and use an email template because that will just help you reach the spam messages very easily.

3. Understand and Relate 

Understand your company as well as the audience who would notice your company and the newsletters. Send out the most relevant content and personalize your email accordingly.

Put yourself in their place such that you could relate and this could help you realize how to send an email in a way which makes your audience read the email.

Also, make your email come from a real person within your organization. Consider including their picture and signing off the email with their nickname, this portrays a friendly gesture.

4. Newsletters should be readable 

Everyone either ignores the newsletters’ link or just happen to feel uninterested in reading one.

So, make the newsletters attractive as well. Give eye grabbing headings to your newsletters such that they just happen to click on that link. For example, “You can’t resist this“or “Open me!” or “Check this out“, etc.

Add creative designs as well or make it as an exit popup, such that they have no other choice than to click on it. Highlight what email recipients will get out of downloading your ebook or registering for your webinar. Use bullet points to break up the text and emphasize key takeaways.

5. Call-to-Action (CTA)

When the customer is lost, the best tip is for the email to be a guide and help the customer by solving his/her problem. You need to guide the customers towards their goal.

The customers shouldn’t have to feel too confused or think too much when reading your mail. Make certain that your Call-to-Action is prominently placed in your email. If needed, it could be placed on each page but make sure to not barricade or close upon the customer.

Make your CTA’s text-specific about what action the reader must take to receive the offer.

6. Social Media Sharing

Social media is considered as the biggest source of spreading the news.

Add social media follow buttons to encourage subscribers to follow you on Twitter, ‘Like’ your Facebook page, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or follow your company updates on LinkedIn. Give recipients opportunities to subscribe to your updates in social media, too.

Add links where they could share every email in order to expand the content to a wider range of leads without your actual effort.

7. Pictures Add a Value

Well, we all have heard that Actions speak louder than words but in email marketing, Pictures speak louder than texts.

Add as many content-related pictures as you can and make it look creative as well. Make it look funny and appealing such that the customers get the urge to look for more.

Include pictures of yourself too, if you’re not able to get any pictures related to your content. Sometimes you could also add pictures highlighting the keywords as well.

8. Tools, Offers and Unsubscribe Links 

You could also mention a few links which link to the various email marketing tools as well like MailChimp, SalesforcePardot, etc. This tools can help you in your email marketing skills as well as they help in managing your newsletters.

If you provide an offer then you must definitely add those links as well. For example, Free trial, Free webinar, Subscription off, etc.

Many customers would definitely feel to avoid emails if they aren’t interested and they would want to do it a kind manner. So, make sure to always include an Unsubscribe link towards the end of the email because this step saves you from going to the spam emails.

Hence, hopefully, this Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Email Marketing helps you and becomes a reference for you, the next time you plan on email marketing.

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