The Trends and Style Of Mens Urban Streetwear Fashion

The fashion industry is quite big, and numerous trends come and go. There are various fashion styles from classic, contemporary, and urban wear.

One of the recent terms in the fashion industry is ‘streetwear’ that defines casual clothing style mostly preferred by young boys and girls. Urban streetwear varies from one culture to another. Today, mens urban streetwear fashion is mostly influenced by sportswear, skate and surf culture, and tech wear.

Streetwear does not follow any particular rules and is mostly influenced by the cultural and social values of particular culture and country. Streetwear is not run-of-the-mill but quite unorthodox. Previously, luxury fashion was poles apart from urban streetwear, but now many popular clothing brands embrace the change and include urban trends and styles.

The common feature of streetwear includes t-shirts with graphics and phrases imprinted on them. There is no particular design, and casual shirts and t-shirts tend to portray abstract art. Urban streetwear is heavily influenced by the music, social, and political situation of the country.

The best men’s urban streetwear fashion trends to watch out for are

  • Nature-Themed clothes

People have always been inspired and influenced by nature more than anything else. The flower images are a quite colorful and growing trend these days. You will find roses imprinted on shirts, hoodies, and hats. We live in a digital environment where creative content rules the internet. An everyday consumer has moved away from branded artwork and logos to minimalistic styles.

  • Stripes

Men have always loved to wear shirts with stripes and patterns. In streetwear, the horizontal stripe is a new entrant. The stripes are dominant not on the front and backside of the shirt but also the sleeves.

  • Nostalgia

Many of the kids who had grown up in the 90s love to bring back the common styles when they were kids. The vibrant colors and old-school design in shirts and pants are returning.

  • Artwork And Social Comments

One trend that seems to be permanently associated with streetwear is shirts imprinted with quotes and statements. Many young men like to wear t-shirts that portray particular social or political comments.

  • Split Panel

One of the new trends in urban streetwear is combining two pieces of fabric to form one piece. To many people, the two fabrics may not match, which is where the creativity lies. The colorful t-shirts with mismatched fabric and design are finally started to appeal to most men.

Final Thoughts

Most men may think that urban streetwear only involves t-shirts, but now a wide range of clothing and accessories have become part of streetwear. Now you can order urban style t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and pants through an online store that provides authentic streetwear.