The Things To Look For When Selecting A Casting Supplier

Choosing a Stainless Steel Casting Service Supplier should not be the same as choosing a bolt supplier, manufacturing equipment supplier, or office supply supplier. Stainless Steel Castings are not a commodity as some may perceive them, and selecting the right supplier for a particular application takes careful consideration.

Traditionally, a purchaser’s primary responsibility was to find qualified and responsive suppliers, which is why supplier qualification is the most important part of the buying process. Using low-cost, unqualified Casting Parts Manufacturer can lead to quality issues and waste of time and money. In some cases, purchasers assumed that any supplier who contractually met the purchase requirement was qualified.

In order to help you choose the right Stainless Steel Casting Service Supplier

, here are some things to consider.  

Having experience in your industry

You should look for a foundry with experience in your market before selecting a foundry. In high compliance markets, such as defense, nuclear, aerospace, and others, it is particularly important to have a metal supplier who understands your products, applications, terminology, and pain points, so they can anticipate needs and potential problems before they arise. The good news is that most casting manufacturers will publish their key markets on their websites, which makes it easier to determine when considering a supplier.

Capabilities in machining

Increasingly, buyers select casting suppliers with machining capabilities, avoiding conflicts if defects are discovered while machining. If a third party is doing the machining, there may be finger-pointing about who is responsible. When a casting supplier discovers a problem while machining, the problem is resolved faster without any dispute about who is at fault. The foundry owns it, which reduces processing, shipping, handling, and replacing time and costs. Integrated machining simplifies the supply chain and reduces handling and shipping costs.  

Diversity of processes

Companies try to sell you what they have to offer and some casting suppliers only offer one type of casting process. If an investment casting company uses only one process for your application, they will try to convince you that that is the best option. However, what if sand casting is the best option for your project? Instead, look for a supplier that offers a range of casting processes so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Depending on the design, application, and size of your components, the best casting process may not be the same for each part. It is important to have a supplier with a range of casting capabilities if you want to work with one source for all of your casting needs. When combined with other integrated capabilities, this can simplify and compress the supply base.   

Testing and certification 

Does your application require that the casting supplier have proper certifications such as ASME, Nadcap, or PED? If so, verify that your potential supplier has the necessary certifications. Although suppliers are capable of obtaining the required certifications, most likely their time does not permit them. Casting suppliers list their certifications on their websites, and companies can be searched by certification. Be diligent.

If you need non-destructive testing (NDT), mechanical testing, or chemical testing, some metal casting suppliers have these capabilities in-house, which can potentially save you money and time. The casting supplier who specializes in high compliance work with in-house capabilities may not be a good fit if your application does not require any testing. 

The quality of the product, the service, and the price

The quality, service, and price of a casting supplier should be carefully considered when selecting a supplier. Conduct an internal audit of what truly matters to you, considering that most companies may be acceptable in every area but can only excel in one. The supplier will probably not provide world class quality and service if the lowest price is most important. What are your “Must Haves”? Lowest price? Meets specifications? Quick turnaround?  Is it easy to do business with you?

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