The Smooth Rupee Craft Beer from India Is Gaining Popularity

Craft beer is gaining popularity as modern beer enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the standard popular bottled industrial beers that are readily available. They seek out novel components as well as fresh flavors and tastes. Beer has changed from being a beverage predominantly enjoyed by members of the upper classes of society to being regarded as the ideal sociable beverage. Low in alcohol, beer is gradually replacing hard liquor as the preferred alcoholic beverage among people of all ages.

Rupee beer has been awarded as the best Indian craft beer which is designed and crafted by the world-famous master beer brewer and an award-winning Indian chef. Rupee craft beer is the ideal complement to Indian, spicy, and hearty global cuisine. Since there have only been a few Indian beer options on the market for the past ten years, Rupee is revolutionizing the Indian restaurant industry providing an unforgettable smooth taste and finish, and slowly brewed according to a traditional Indian recipe that uses only natural ingredients. You can find Rupee at the local Indian or South Asian restaurant and select Costco, Whole Foods & Total Wine locations.

Craft beer preferred over industrial beer

The one major change in today’s society is that consumers are no longer content with commercial industrial beer that is produced in mass. They are seeking locally produced, fresh local products, and handcrafted brews. This amazing shift set the path for the development of craft beer.

Barley malt and wheat malt are the primary ingredients in beer. Hops are added throughout the brewing process to improve the beer’s flavor. Since beer is produced using different ingredients and brewing techniques, it can be divided into commercial and craft beers.

Ingredients used in brewing

Craft beer is made of only malt, hops, yeast, and water with no artificial ingredients. It contains more malt and more hops than industrial beer. As a result, the wort after brewing has a higher concentration.

Industrial beer is also made of malt, hops, yeast, and water but at times, rice, corn, and starch are used instead of malt to cut the costs. This method produces a light-tasting beer with a very low wort content.

Fermentation time and process

There is no worry about costs while preparing craft beer hence, the long fermentation time does not matter. Traditional craft beers might take up to two months to ferment due to which the flavor and wort content are both higher.

Industrial beer is for commercial purposes and to make money. Therefore, the typical fermentation period for commercial beer is just around 7 days which is not sufficient for proper fermentation. Hence, the flavor is lighter and the wort content is lower.

The fermentation process of the two is also different. While craft beer uses the Ales process which is the upper fermentation process, the industrial beer uses the Lagers process (lower fermentation process for prolonged shelf life.

It is the taste that makes craft beer more special than industrial beer. Craft beer has a deeper flavor and a higher alcohol content which makes it ideal for sipping slowly. Industrial beer often has a milder flavor and less alcohol content and hence can be gulped down in huge amounts.

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