The Six Cool Reasons to Love the Desert Safari Dubai:

It is a fact that Dubai is not famous only for its nightlife, skyscrapers, and gold. It is also renowned and well-known for the desert safari that insists tourists visit. If you are a lover of adventure, then the Dubai desert safari is the best place for you.  Here you can experience too many things like camel rides, BBQ, entertainment, desert safari ride, quad bike, dune bashing, and many other things. All these things will provide you with the best and pleasing experience. Too many safari operators offer you the dune bashing that leaves you to the thrill and individual actions. But now, in this article, we will tell you the six cool reasons to love the desert safari Dubai. All the reasons are given below. 

Cool reasons to love the Dubai desert safari:

There are too many reasons to visit the Desert Safari Dubai. But now we are telling you the six cool reasons to love the desert safari Dubai. 

1. Sand Dunes Thrill:

If you want to experience the most thrilling and exciting safari, then the dune bashing is for you. In this activity, you have to sit in the Land Cruiser and can drive around the desert to see the fantastic view of the desert. Other than this, you can ride the Land Cruiser to the red dunes and explore too many things. 

Overall the tour will start with the dune bashing and ends at the campsite. It is the most exciting activity you can experience in the Dubai desert safari. We recommend you don’t miss the experience of dune bashing activity

2. Experience of Overnight Safari:

The following cool reason that we want to discuss is the overnight safari experience. With the help of an overnight safari experience, you can enjoy the best feature of the desert safari trip that is a belly dance performance. Besides this, along with the belly dance performance, the Arabian music and excellent dinner will also give you a fantastic experience. However, the chilling environment and the beautiful view of the clear sky will insist you visit the desert safari Dubai.  

3. Ride in SUV:

Exclusive SUVs are present to provide you with a tour of the desert safari. These SUV includes the Land Cruiser and Hummer. If you want to enjoy dune bashing, these cars are the best option. These cars are comfortable and provide you with a thrilling experience of the Arabian desert. 

However, when you reach the area of the desert, you will see too many SUVs are ready to take you for a dunes drive. You don’t have to worry about the SUVs because these are well-maintained and also contain safety gear. But remember one thing that if you have any health problem, then this ride is not made for you. So, in this situation, you must have to avoid this ride. 

4. Desert Safari Experience With The Help of Hummer:

There are too many tour operators who make sure that you will get the fantastic experience of desert safari with the help of a luxury Hummer. It is a fact that you will not get the luxury experience of dunes without the luxury hummer. Hummer is present primarily to provide you the opportunity to explore the raw side.  

5. Six Hours Desert Safari Dubai Tour:

You need to know that the desert safari tour contains a time of six hours. These six hours include too many activities. If we talk about the activities, then first is the pick-up service, then the dune bashing with the help of a 4×4 vehicle—other than this, the photography, sand-boarding, quad biking, shisha smoking, and camel ride. 

Along with all these activities, you will also get refreshments and entertainment. After completing the six hours, the next is drop back. However, you have to pay extra charges for activities like the camel ride, dune bashing, and quad biking. 

6. Quad Biking and Sand Boarding:

The Dubai desert safari is famous not only for the camel ride, belly dance, or tasty dinner. Quad biking and sandboarding are also the reasons to love the desert safari in Dubai. Both these activities are unique and exciting; the operators provide these activities. If we talk about the timing of these activities, then you will get 30 minutes to perform this activity. However, the sandboarding activity is present to test your skills to balance in the Arabian desert. 

Conclusion:Overall the Dubai Desert Safari tour is present to provide a thrilling experience. If you love adventure and exciting activities, you should visit the desert safari. Here you will find too many things to explore and see. However, if you think this article creates love for the desert safari you want to visit, then share this article. Help other people to know about the fantastic things about the desert safari in Dubai.

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