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The role of Social Networks in SEO Positioning

Do social networks affect SEO positioning at all? The answer is a resounding yes, although not directly. Today, whoever else has a profile on a social network, this, if we know how to take advantage of it, can be very beneficial for our company, since it is a window through which to show everything, we do.

We must think that these tools are available to anyone and that a large amount of information is sent daily, therefore, if we want to differentiate ourselves and stand out, we must offer quality content, visually attractive, interesting and understandable for our followers. This is one of the best ways to gain natural links, highly awarded by Google when it comes to gaining positions on the results page.

Social SEO consists precisely of that: correctly using Social Networks to improve our SEO Sydney on the Internet. We do this by including links that lead to our website, in order to increase traffic and, therefore, improve our positioning in Google and our possible sales. For this, it also helps to have a blog and explore what is search engine positioning.

What social networks help SEO?


It’s the social media for excellence. Any company must have an updated Facebook page that transmits the content of interest and trust. Mainly, users click on content that arouses their interest, solves a problem, and entertains; hence, each publication must be careful and with a goal. The strategy is essential in the content plan of social networks.

It is very important to include links that lead to our website. We recommend opening these on a different page, in this way we will avoid users losing track of their navigation from our fan page to our website. In the same way, it is recommended that the links redirect to the content that we show on the networks. If we force the user to make an effort to find the content they are looking for, they will most likely leave our page and the bounce rate will increase, which will negatively affect our SEO.


Information on Twitter needs to be more concise, as it is limited by an exact number of characters. The correct use of hashtags related to our business (for which we can do Keyword research), as well as the inclusion of links, helps Google to position our brand. Providing uninteresting information can increase your bounce rate.

This network is the queen of the hashtag, we must also make use of them even in our biography, where they are clickable.


This platform is also SEO-oriented, although more limited since the only possible link is in the biography, however, there are many other elements that can help our brand position itself.

Despite being quite limited in the use of links, currently, Instagram has some really useful functions.

On the one hand, it has Instagram Shopping, which allows us to display information about specific products in our publications, redirecting to other publications and to our own website, where the user can finally purchase them. On the other hand, it has the Stories, which can have a link linked as long as the account has more than 10,000 followers.

The use of these tools clearly increases traffic to the web, as well as the number of sales of our business.


Google rewards those people who use their networks, so it is essential to have an account on this social network and include material about your company, along with the content of interest on an ongoing basis. The prize will be a better position in search engines.   

Google My Business

This tool allows you to display the physical location and images of a store or even publish blog articles, which are also displayed in search results.


Complete your profile and optimize it, choose not to include too much text, and use keywords related to your business.

It is a social network aimed at companies, so the information must be serious, but still attractive and striking. Interact, as in other networks, it is very important to create connections, as this will make you more visible on the Internet, share information from other users and encourage them to share yours.

In summary, the essential thing is to create quality content that is interesting for our followers, in order to get interactions and increase traffic to our website. As a result, we will have a better position in search engines.

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