The requirement of a SriLankan Visa from the US

There is always some type of restriction when you are traveling from one country to another. Sri Lanka visa US Citizens are easy to get but you need sufficient funds and proof to stay in the country. The other thing which has become critical is vaccination. You should be properly vaccinated and should not be the cause of epidemics. 

A Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens is not that difficult, but it is a compulsion, that you are not going to carry currency greater than $ 15,000. It should be declared at the point of entry when you are leaving any of Sri Lankan airports. You need to follow the visa types. For example, if you are getting a visa for Sri Lanka from the USA for a specific purpose like tourism, then you can only get a visa for the tourism purpose.

In this article, we are discussing the various requirements for the Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens:

The Sri Lanka visa requirements for US citizens:

There is different procedure required for US citizens to get a US visa, we are describing them one by one:

These visas are different in their processing fee requirement:

  • The standard processing of Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens, this processing only takes  5 days time and it costs the processing fee of $ 61.
  • The second type of processing is the Rush Processing. This type of Sri Lanka visa US, can be processed in 3 days and it cost is $ 94. It also includes the Service charges.
  • The Third type of processing is the Super Rush Processing visa to travel to Sri Lanka and it costs $ 103.75. It also includes all the service charges and the application would be ready only in 24 hours’ time.

The procedure of Application of the Sri Lanka visa US:

The whole procedure should be completed on the website of the Srilankan official embassy website. Where you need to follow three simple steps to get your visa:

  1. The first step for the visa for Sri Lanka from USA is the general information. Rest are name, address, passport info, email ID, and other personal information. The other thing, you also have to include the visa types for the purpose to travel to Sri Lanka. It also includes the processing time for the traveler as there are three types of application processing procedures.
  2. The second step is the review of all the information, and you can pay the processing fee via credit/debit card or Paypal. It is essential to provide all the information. According to the official documents and in the same format as it is appearing in the same format. It is better to double-check before submitting your application for a Sri Lanka visa US
  3. The third and the most important step is to provide all the additional documents required for the processing of the visa

For the citizens of the US, travel to Sri Lanka is not that difficult, if you are following all the procedures according to the described procedure.

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