The Reasons Why Drinking Whisky Is Good For You

The alcoholic drink whisky has a long and interesting history. For instance, during the prohibition period (1920s) in the United States it was still legal for it to be sold and consumed as it was considered to be a medicine rather than an alcoholic beverage. 

One of the oldest people to ever live (Grace Jones, England) puts her long age down to drinking a glass of whisky every single night for her last sixty years. Her tipple of choice was single malt scotch like the stuff produced by Loch Lomond Whiskies.

It is important to note though that if you drink a large amount of whisky every single night, then it is likely to be the case that you will suffer more than you will benefit. However, when consumed at lower quantities, the science dictates that it can actually be good for you.

Here is a list of the associated benefits of drinking whisky:

  • It lowers the risk of heart disease – numerous different scientific studies have shown that drinking a small to moderate amount of whisky (no more than seven small glasses) over the course of a week will lower your chance of developing heart disease and / or heart failure. Single malt whisky actually provides the best results.
  • It can fight cancer – there are as many antioxidants in whisky as there is in wine. One of these is ellagic acid which has the ability to suck up rogue cells within your body. That being said, the same antioxidant can also be found in many fruits. 
  • It is good for colds – it has been known in Scotland for a very long time that drinking whisky can help to fight off colds. A hot toddy is a drink consisting of whisky, hot water, honey, and lemon and it is what many people drink to fight off the effects of a head cold. The science behind it is that the alcohol in whisky works to dilate the blood vessels, thus making it much easier for mucus membranes to tackle the infection. 
  • It lowers the risk of dementia – various scientific studies have shown that people who drink one to six portions of whisky per week are more than half as likely to suffer from the brain disease dementia than either heavy drinkers or those people who do not drink. 
  • It contains no sugar, carbs, or fat – for anyone that wants to drink alcohol while also attempting to lose weight, then whisky is the perfect option. This is because it contains no fat at all and very little sugar or carbohydrates. The sweet taste that you sometimes get from a whisky actually comes from various oils and compounds within it rather than from sugar. This also makes whisky a good choice for diabetics as it will have very little impact on their blood glucose levels. Additionally, because of the distillation process that it goes through, whisky is gluten free, making it the perfect drink for celiacs. 

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