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The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Petrol Pressure Washer In Australia

Pressure washers are useful and multi-purpose tools that make life easier in many areas. Some people use them as a way to make money, while others have found that they offer a quick and easy solution to home property care. When they were first made, there was debate over which power method was better: petrol or electric. I hope this article helps inform potential buyers of their options.

Are Petrol Pressure Washers Better Than Electric?

Electric washers make up some of the most popular machines. One of their main advantages is that they are often cheaper than petrol models. They are also very eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. But there are downsides to electric machines as well: With electric devices, the power cord limits your reach and you can’t use the machine in places without access to electricity. The pressure is low and the flow is limited, too. With petrol models, on the other hand, you’ll have a lot more power and won’t have to worry about limited mobility because of your power cord. In addition, with petrol models, you have longer life and better performance.

When an electric machine moves from single-phase to three-phase power, it becomes more powerful for commercial purposes. Residential areas usually don’t have access to three-phase power, so it’s important to consider that when buying a machine.

Electric Is The Best Pressure Washer If Noise Is A Factor

Sometimes noise can be an issue when you are applying for a position. For instance, you may not want to work on your quiet suburban street or in the CBD where there is a maximum decibel rating. Personally, I don’t mind the noise, because I grew up as a farmhand, but some people might not want to deal with it. Generally, electric motors are quieter than combustion engines.

You Will Have Greater Flexibility With A Petrol Pressure Washer

Cables that are plugged in to petrol machines are more transportable and can be lifted to roof tops. These cables don’t restrict the petrol machine, which means they can be moved around easily. In contrast, electric cables restrict the machine, and it would be difficult to move them around too much. The important thing to note is that a heavy-duty extension lead should be used with an electric machine to regulate voltage, in order to keep voltage level steady and avoid overloading.

Which Option Is The Safest?

The obvious one — personal safety — is not to spray high-pressure water anywhere near yourself or others (especially while they are holding the hose). You should also check the electrical cable to avoid tripping on it. It can also be thermally protected with a stop switch function which cuts the motor when the trigger is released. Electric devices can have a water tank that cools the reticulated water and keeps the pump safe. This is rarely found in petrol units, but some of them come with water tanks to keep the pump cool and save electricity.

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Given that I’ve been working in a pressure washing / cleaning equipment vendor for the past six months, this is a biased opinion. But I think all of you would agree with me that after six months without pressure washing equipment, it feels really good to be writing about it. Pressure Pumps NQ is here to provide you with high levels of customer service, combined with a vast product knowledge and ready access to top brands. We guarantee unmatched levels of customer satisfaction; we are always happy to help you. If you need more information on pressure washers or anything else we have to offer, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll reply as soon as we can!

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