Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Treatment

The Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home

Prolapsed hemorrhoid is a very common, but fatal illness. People who suffer from prolapsed hemorrhoids suffer from severe and painful outcomes. The disease, if diagnosed at the beginning of the process can be treated at home, treatments in the home. However, if the patient is in the second or has a further hemorrhoids prolapse, treatment at work are not effective. So it is advisable to consult with the Best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

The patient who is in the initial stage of hemorrhoid prolapse can find relief adhering to the guidelines below.

Hemorrhoid and antibiotic products like Ointments or medications with hydrocortisone could help patients get rid of hemorrhoid prolapse in the beginning stage.

A diet that is high in fiber that includes legumes like split peas, black beans baked beans and more. Whole grains like barley, oatmeal, brown rice and so on. Vegetables like broccoli, green peas sprouts and more. as well as fresh fruits such as apples, pineapples, pears and raspberries, as well as bananas and more. aid in removing hemorrhoid prolapse in the initial stage.

Drinking plenty of water could help remove hemorrhoid prolapse if discovered in the early stages.

What’s Prolapsed Hemorrhoid?

The presence of one or more lumps surrounding the anus and the anal opening is a sign of hemorrrhoid prolapse. It’s visible as a bulging and protruding lump that is extending out of through the opening to the anal. 

The lump is usually dark blue as it is filled with blood clots, or blood clots, with blood vessels that are inflamed, swollen and enlarged.

What causes prolapse? Hemorrhoid

The pressure that is exerted by stool movements. This pressure also puts a stress on the blood vessels of your anus, and in the vicinity of the opening of the anal. The swollen veins cause the disease known as Prolapsed Hemorrhoid. Visit the Best Piles Specialist Doctor in Kolkata for more details

A lot of time sitting on the toilet in an attempt to pass stool. Being in this position causes a lot of pressure on the veins of the anus, which further damage them and causing the condition of hemorrrhoid prolapse.

Constant constipation

Chronic Diarrhea


During pregnancy, lots of pressure is put on the body because there is a lot of extra force exerted on the anus as a result of carrying a baby in the womb. Additionally, during the time birth, because of the pressure that is applied to push the baby to the outside, blood vessels of the anus become damaged and begin to swell in the form of piles, which can cause hemorrhoid prolapse.

Anal intercourse may also damage the anus’ veins and lead to prolapsed hemorrhoid.

Lack of intake from water

Insufficient fiber content in our diet

Hard stool is a result of insufficient fiber and water diet.

The Permanent Solution to Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

If it is detected at the initial stage, hemorrhoid prolapse is treatable with treatment with antibiotics or using Ointments to treat the condition. Be sure to seek some medical advice prior to taking any treatment for hemorrhoids.

If the patient’s condition is getting worse and is at the second stage, the patient has to have the prolapsed hemorrhoid removed surgically. In the past, open surgery for hemorrhoid would scare patients. Now patients do not have to be concerned about the discomfort or issues that come with open procedure.

The latest technologies, laser treatment for hemorrhoids can provide the possibility of a permanent solution to hemorrhoids. The patient experiences immediate relief following the laser treatment, and is not in pain or discomfort after the procedure.

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