The Important Things You Need To Know About MongoDB Certification

In 2009, 10gen, a company founded by Kevin Ryan, Dwight Merriman, and Eliot Horowitz, found that there was no DBMS platform suitable for reimplementing on the cloud, thus they developed MongoDB. The company was inspired after attempting to find an application platform that could manage data in the cloud. There are several new features in MongoDB currently. The framework allows you to work on it easier than MapReduce. Users say MongoDB is easy to work on, and that it has made significant performance improvement. A text search will be added to the 2.4 series. 

Professionals who have completed the MongoDB developer course can join organisations, and clubs, where they can attend important events, meetings, conferences, and stay up to date on the latest occurrings in MongoDB. In this way, they can better reach the subject matter.  


Which Certifications Are Worth Enrolling For?


The MongoDB University is authorized to offer training programs and certifications for MongoDB. For those interested in pursuing a MongoDB certification, they should enroll in the MongoDB University.

There are two parts to the training program, which are for Database Administrators (DBAs) and Database Developers.

  1. Database Administrator- It is a person who operates and manages MongoDB. They are skilled and knowledgeable about customizing, backing up, recovery, processes, and knowing how to monitor its performance continuously.
  2. Database Developer- In general, a Database Developer is competent in noting and handling more than one convenient programming language. The programming language they are familiar with is usually MongoDB related.

Additionally, they can also do tasks like replication, aggregation, scaling and indexing. Apart from that, these individuals can also perform other tasks such as reading, creating, deleting, and updating,  which is called MongoDB CRUD.


What Is The Certification Process?

Candidates can choose from three levels of certification: Professionals, Associates, and Masters. Associates training program is actually the basic level. Professionals are at the middle or secondary level. The Masters program, at the end, gives the final three courses’ certificate of knowledge and training to the students.

As of now, only the Associate or the basic level course can be studied. The two other courses are currently in the development phase and should be ready shortly. 

Considering the interests of candidates, the cost of the test is inexpensive and able to be taken online. That makes it all the more convenient for the students and the administration. Examity, a company specializing in providing required materials for students, is able to provide you with access to the test material.

The MongoDB developer course and its certification is essentially for two types of people. Those who are seeking the MongoDB DBA Associate certification are in the first place. They are the ones who need to be familiar with the mechanics and concepts of MongoDB, otherwise the introduction to better knowledge will go in vain. The other type of people who might be interested in the certification are the professionals familiar with MongoDB who are looking to improve their skills.


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