The importance of wedding shoes

A wedding day is a memorable day in every woman’s life. Women look forward to wearing the perfect outfit on their wedding day. With stores selling so many styles of wedding dresses, finding the ideal wedding dress can be stressful. Shoes are the most important bridal accessory, and it may become tough to find the right pair. Shopping for wedding shoes is one of the critical tasks in getting ready for the grand day. Women need to pick the perfect shoes that match the wedding dress. It is best to select the shoes before the first dress fitting to hem the dress perfectly.

Types of wedding shoes

Ankle strap: The ankle strap shoes help women make a bold style statement. Some have crystal, lace, or pearl embellishments that enhance the feminine charm. The shoes can have single or double straps, and they may be delicate or chunky.

Flats: A stylish pair of flats can help to make a big style statement compared to regular stilettos. Flats provide comfort, and walking down the aisle in a pair of flats makes a woman look chic. Some flats are embellished, and lace flats enhance the beauty of lace dresses.

Pumps: Pumps are the classic wedding choice for women worldwide. They make women feel taller and more confident. They can transform the simple look into a highly glamorous one, and pumps with peep toe exude a raw sex appeal. 

Sandals: Sandals are best suited for summer weddings, and they are the first choice of brides who give importance to comfort. Short wedding dresses look best with low heel sandals that have embellishments. Sandals help the brides to dance away the night in comfort.

Stilettos: Many brides love to wear stilettos on their wedding night. Stilettos elongate the silhouette, add glamour to the appearance, and make women feel sexy, stylish, and confident. Women love to wear white, cream, or beige stilettos with pearl or crystal embellishments.

How to find the perfect wedding shoes

Define the style

Deciding on a bridal style is essential to maintain consistency. The shoes must match the style of the dress. Embellishments in the dress like laces and buttons can reflect on the bridal shoes to make them look matched.

Find the dress

Even if a woman has spotted good shoes, it is better to buy the dress first. The shoes and the wedding gown must complement each other. Shorter dresses are worn with shoes that make a style statement, and long dresses do not reveal the footwear.

Watch the height

The height of the wedding shoe must make the person wearing it feel comfortable. A high heel shoe may make the bride feel uncomfortable after a few hours. A mid-heel shoe is the best with the wedding dress. A 3 – 4 inches heel is the safest choice for all brides.

Remember the venue

The wedding location plays a significant role in deciding the style of wedding shoes and a high heel shoe is not the best option for a beach wedding. The location may have a set of stairs, gravel pathways, or a slippery floor. The shoe should enable the person to walk comfortably in the venue.

Stay comfortable

In most cases, wedding shoes are worn throughout the day. They must not hurt the feet and make the person feel uncomfortable. The arch support, heel shape, and height are essential in providing comfort. A comfortable heel or flats ensure that the bride can dance all through the night without taking them off.

Even if the shoes feel comfortable, it is necessary to wear them for a few minutes every day before the wedding day. It will make women get accustomed to the shoes and feel confident in them. An extra pair of flats on hand helps to manage unexpected shoe disasters.

A wedding dress is a dream dress for many women. Wedding shoes help the brides make a style statement and feel special on their memorable day. Apart from the dress, the shoes play a crucial role in making the bride look pretty and attractive. They support the feet and offer comfort throughout the day.

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