The Importance of Software Integration

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If you haven’t already invested in software integration solutions, then you need to ASAP, and there are a few very compelling reasons why.

What is software integration?

A lot of organisations take advantage of software integration – but what exactly is it? Software integration is the process of bringing together different types of software parts or sub-systems to solve the problem of isolated data.

Do you need software integration solutions?

There are many reasons why integration could be for you, these include:

  • Gaining uniform results by joining individual systems together
  • Transitioning to a new cloud-based data app from a legacy system
  • Merging different systems with different functionalities aimed at a specific need
  • Multi-functionality required

The benefits of software integration

There are many important benefits to integrating your systems, these benefits include:

  • It’s more efficient – your strategy and processes will be streamlined and uniform, and there’s no need for human interruption of transferring data over to a different system. One system makes sure people don’t have to constantly key in repeat data from other subsystems, more can be automated ensuring valuable time is being saved.
  • More accurate – with less manual interaction, the risk of human error is minimised.
  • Coordinated – training new employees on multiple systems is tiresome, complicated and time-consuming. With a fully integrated system, it becomes a lot easier. Processes are simplified, and the availability of the latest data makes decision-making easier for all employees, making them aware of recent developments.
  • Cost saving – if more of your employee’s time is being saved on automated systems, then they’re able to do a lot more work and you’re cutting down on unnecessary costs. You don’t need to develop an entirely new system from scratch either, which would be extremely expensive, you’ll only need to integrate your existing systems – employees would not need to be trained on a brand-new system as they’ll already know the old.
  • Real-time data – your employees won’t need to wait for the siloed systems to let them know crucial data, you often need to be able to react to developments instantly when you own a business. One integrated solution offers you real-time data.
  • Increased productivity – your operations will run a lot smoother when there’s no need to switch between different applications or sub-systems.
  • Better customer service – an integrated software solution will also benefit your customers; your employees will have the ability to access customer information and grant customer requests easily and quickly. Assisting your customers to the best of your ability is crucial for businesses.
  • Increased sales – a streamlined system means that your end-to-end sales process will improve as well as your order fulfilment rate, leading to a lot more sales and income.

Here at Cortech, we are experts in software integration for businesses and critical government services, we help them save costs and give businesses the ability to keep up with their competitors.

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