History of Sailing

The History of Sailing

Sailing dates back to primitive times as they were utilized for fishing, recreational purposes, and traveling. Sailing took place when ships used the strongest wind force through sails for driving the boat to move at quick speeds. During earlier times, only the more privileged or upper classes of Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Asia would sail the wonderfully decorated and lavishly huge ships in those times.

Not before the beginning of the seventeenth century was sailing art known as a popular sport in Holland. When it comes to Dutch, they sailed smaller boats that measured up to 65 feet and they named this boat Yaghtship, which means hunting ship. But they are called yachts today.

Sailing – A Chief Sport in England

Soon after sailing became popular in Holland, a yacht was given to Charles II as a gift in England. Within a short span of time, sailing became a chief sport in England which led to the expansion in the colonies of America. This was the time when the world’s sailing competitions made their entry, with the biggest being around Sardinia.

Commencement of Yacht Clubs

Like any other common sport, the sailing champions gather in a commonplace to discuss past and future yachts, competitions, and other social aspects during that tenure. This led to the commencement of the ancient clubs popularly known as yacht clubs. The first yacht club in the world was set up in 1720 in Cork, Ireland. The New York Yacht Club was the most popular and ancient yacht club in America and it originated in 1844.

The New York Yacht Club

The club, also known as NYYC, was founded by John Cox. Cox along with the native New Yorkers decided to establish a club to organize racing competitions with other native sailors. The NYYC took their club to a higher level and began to race globally in 1851. Cox formed his primary racing yacht measuring 100-foot and thereafter sailed across America and other places to race against their competitors.

The trophy was won by the Americans and they received their trophy. Today, this is indeed one of the oldest and popular international sailing even in the world. The victory was achieved by the Americans for almost 132 years starting from 1851 till 1983. Thereafter the victory was taken over by Australia. Thereafter, only Switzerland and New Zealand were the countries that achieved the world cup in 1995 and 2000.

Types of Yachts Used for Sailing

Many changes took place especially after the beginning of the world cup. The most prominent changes were the yachts that participated in the competitions. Rating, handicap, and one-design boats are the three most popular yachts utilized for yachting purposes.

Handicap boats are used by sailors to ensure that they can race at equal levels with deeper and larger boats. One design boat is popular for its compact size and speed. Rating boats are different in terms of their sail area, displacement, and length. Such boats are used by sailors with enhanced knowledge and skill of the sport. These are some of the most popular types of boats that were commonly used in ancient days.

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