The Growing Popularity of These Eco-friendly Products and Sustainable Brands

“Going Green” is a trend that we all have been following for some years. This is the only way to help our environment and our mother earth. Every business is supporting this cause by making their products eco-friendly, including the packaging. This is attracting a lot of consumers. People nowadays love to support companies that are fighting for social justice and offering all these recyclable or environmentally friendly products.

Many companies are into producing items that are made from natural materials or recyclable products. For example, Custom Earth Promos is one company in Delray Beach, Florida, that is specializing in making reusable custom bags, water bottles, and even face masks that are all top quality. You can check their website for more details on their products like the custom shopping bags.

We are going to tell you what many companies are coming up with in support of this trend:

  • Firstly, people have started to shop locally, thus supporting the local merchandise. So many craftsmen and small-time clothiers are getting a huge benefit from this. Also, there was an event called the Renegade Craft Fair which originated in Chicago and is attended by a lot of people each year. It has local crafts, cuisines, custom-designed goods, and many other interactive things that can all be called eco-friendly products.
  • Many brands have started to get political. Lush is one brand that has become political advocates and is combining record sales with controversial campaigns. Also, recently, Starbucks has come up with a full-page ad on the US presidential election and Fairware client, Natures Path Food. 
  • As per EPA, it was found that around 2554 million trash was created by Americans in 2013, out of which one-third were able to be recycled or decomposed. This means, people using those pre-packaged and single-use items were creating this unnecessary disposal. Also, it was seen that millions of Americans suffer from many hunger-related problems. So, the president of Trader Joes, Doug Rauch, started a non-profit organization that sold healthy and whole foods at a lower price.
  • People have started to understand that many of the products that have chemicals in them are causing harm to their bodies. So, they have started demanding safe products. The same was understood by the advocate, Lauren Singer. Because of this, she started to invent some new personal care and cleaning products that are being sold by her own company. Also, sites like the Good Guide have created apps that ask consumers to rate the products based on their impact on the environment, health, and socially. 
  • Many companies have come up with creating bio-degradable products. So instead of telling people to stop littering, there are companies that have come up with bio-degradable coffee cups. They also make cups embedded with seeds, which can make littering beneficial for the environment.

Upcycling is one way to create good-quality items from undesired materials such as designer bags. This will save the environment and money too.

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