The Definitive Dunlopillo Mattress Buying Guide

Dunlopillo’s name invariably comes up whenever it is a question of buying a quality mattress. These mattresses have gained a worldwide reputation for being luxury products that not only have high quality but also stand the test of time. They are made in such a way that they are naturally antifungal and antibacterial. Also, these mattresses are biodegradable and thus are not toxic to the environment. If you want a mattress to revitalise and rejuvenate your body after a good night’s sleep, a Dunlopillo mattress is the way to go.

Dunlopillo mattresses are widely preferred for the following features:
* The latex is eco-friendly and is sourced from sustainably managed plantations. This ensures that the material does not have any additives and harmful chemicals.
* Latex mattresses feel natural on the body and provide maximum comfort.
* Dunlopillo latex has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-allergenic properties.
* Responsive support is provided by pocket springs in the mattresses.
* The mattresses come with a long guarantee plan.

Dunlopillo mattresses mould to the user’s body contours so as to provide them with the utmost comfort. Every time you move during sleep, the latex in the mattress does so as well in order to adjust to your body shape, allowing you undisturbed rest. Other latex mattresses take a lot of time to respond to your body thus make sleeping an uncomfortable affair. Not only comfort but a Dunlopillo mattress relieves pressure and improves your blood circulation.

Dunlopillo latex stands apart from other mattresses because apart from providing support to the body they come with several other health benefits. When you lie in a certain position during sleep, capillary blood flow is hindered and pressure is caused. This hampers the smooth flow of blood in your body. Dunlopillo mattresses do away with this possibility and provide pressure relief. This brings nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and keeps you relaxed throughout the night. Thus, as you sleep on a Dunlopillo mattress, you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning.

Dunlopillo mattresses are incredibly long-lasting. You simply do not purchase a Dunlopillo mattress; you make a good investment in it. The mattress holds its shape over the years and does not get distorted like other foam mattresses. The Dunlopillo mattress can remain intact and provide the user with the same comfort for as long as 22 years. The interior of the mattress is aerated and well-ventilated so that your body moisture is dissipated and your temperature remains cool as you sleep.

Soft, supportive and comfortable, a Dunlopillo mattress is the ultimate thing that you can invest in to have a good night’s sleep. Dunlopillo latex mattresses are used all over the world and are trusted by big hotel and hospitality brands.

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