The Best VPN for Smartphones and Laptops

One could believe we’re living in a united global world now, with physical boundaries and territories having less and less meaning. Internet, digital products, swift money wiring, blockchain, crypto currencies and many more. But nasty surprises come to light from time to time when your location in space or a country name on your bank address suddenly lead to limitations and restrictions. 

Whenever you’re entering a website or an app, your device and a service you’re using register your IP address connected to your geographical location. And for multiple reasons some service providers differentiate access rights or content available for users from various countries. It can be explained by copyright and licensing distribution, sometimes by political or economic reasons. In simple terms, that is why your Netflix dashboard would suggest different shows as soon as you cross the border when traveling abroad. That’s where VPN service comes to use.

What’s a VPN exactly?

It stands for Virtual Private Network, meaning that your activity online is secured and not subject to outside scrutiny. 

When you go online your IP address can be identified and even the data you’re working with could be accessed by hackers, scammers or governmental security forces. What VPN does is encrypting your connection by sending any data transfers through the secured VPN server.

Benefits of using VPN

Everyone has their own reasons for using VPN programs, but all of them go to one of such categories:

  • Unrestricted access to entertainment content on popular platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube etc.)
  • Staying anonymous for Internet browsing (no logs get registered)
  • Accessing work or study online dashboards being outside of the allowed zone (for example, college paper writer may need to enter the assignment directly to the university’s web-portal, that’s access is limited to the country of its location)
  • Getting access to news websites and social media banned and restricted by governments
  • Playing games with geographical limitations

Whatever your reason, VPN provides useful support and protection for your online activities.

How to choose VPN that’s right for your needs?

There are hundreds of VPN providers out there online, so it may be a tough job to choose the perfect one. What should you consider making your choice?

  • Applicability for different OS and devices
  • High speed of connection
  • Trustworthy secure encryption
  • Decent confidentiality regulations, so your privacy and data are safe from transferring to third parties or for advertising purposes
  • Unrestricted access to geographically limited content, even for platforms that have capacity to detect VPN users
  • Possibility to change your IP location both randomly and specifically (choose USA location for licensed content, for instance, etc.)
  • Availability of support service
  • Pricing options

Keep in mind these criteria when choosing the best VPN provider for your needs.

Best VPN services as of 2021

You can choose among thousands of options to try and test for the best VPN for your needs. But it may be wiser to read several independent reviews from tech-savvy bloggers and trustworthy resources first. We’ve done this for you to curate a list of good, working, stable, reasonably priced VPN for your smartphone and laptop. So, let’s have a look at our Top-3 list.

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3 best VPN services of 2021

  1. Express VPN 

This one is a leader on everybody’s lists due to its fantastic combination of speed and easiness to use with highly secured connection and effective approach to restricted access. So, what do you get with Express VPN?

  • Works with all popular OS’s for smartphones and laptops AND with gaming consoles
  • Has more than 3,000 own servers in 160 locations
  • Works for almost 100 countries
  • You can have 5 devices connected via separate VPN connections
  • Can be used for home routers, therefor opens way to linking multiple devices under one VPN connection
  • Their support works round the clock and is famous for being super helpful
  • They use the golden standard of encryption – 256-bit AES along with a number of security protocols, including their own, Lightway 

For these awesome features Express VPN asks for a price of $6-12 per month, depending on a plan you choose. It may or may not be high for you personally with a limited number of devices allowed. But in every other relation it’s definitely a top VPN on a market today.

  1. CyberGhost VPN

Great VPN service with impressive speed and nice price exists thanks to CyberGhost. Its fans praise phantastic speed and accent on streaming services. Let’s look at more details.

  • Works on most OS’s for laptops and smartphones, and for PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • Has more than 7,500 servers in 110+ locations
  • Works for 90+ countries
  • Up to 7 devices can be connected to separate VPN connections
  • Routers are in play as well, so more devices can go through one VPN line
  • They have dedicated servers in different countries optimized for specific streaming platforms
  • AED 256-bit encryption is on guard for your privacy

Generally, CyberGhost has many great benefits, but with few shortcomings too. Amazon Prime is not available through this VPN, unfortunately. And despite great overall speed, servers in some countries provide uneven connection. Their price is great for long-term subscription ($2.70 per month if purchasing 3-year plan), but it may be smart to test it over a month or two first.

  1. Surfshark

Fast as a shark and as well equipped with high-profile encryption, this VPN can be easily your best choice. Although having slightly less features than previous two, Surfshark can impress you with its other top-notch qualities.

  • Works with most OS’s for laptops and smartphones (but not with gaming consoles or routers)
  • Has more than 1700 servers in 100+ locations
  • Works for 63 countries
  • Allows for unlimited number of devices for simultaneous connection
  • Protection works on 256-bit encryption and several security protocols 
  • Offers easy user-friendly connections

Its speed is great, although may be slower than that of VPNs mentioned above. But availability for limitless simultaneous connections beats it all. Consider it for more work-related activities. Lots of companies use Surfshark for the whole team PC’s connection, like the college essay writing service does.

So, now you have the knowledge of best VPN services proven their worth in 2021. Go choose the best one for yourself and your family for some binge watching over holidays, and for smooth work in the new year.

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