The Benefits of Ordering Meal on Wheel from RailRestro E-catering

RailRestro E-catering makes it simple to order safe and hygienic meals on wheels online with comfort and breezy.

What used to be tiring, monotonous, and tasteless has turned into a delightful and delicious ride. RailRestro E-catering provides the best food on train with piquant cuisine options that cater to travellers from all over the country. 

Previously, the train ride was marked by lousy food and an unclean environment. RailRestro revamped the entire food providing services in the Indian Railways with high-quality food safety practices. 

There are many advantages to ordering food on train from RailRestro E-Catering Services, from the taste to the safety precautions. You cannot rely on pantry car meals, especially during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. In this situation, E-catering is the only solution to get hygienic, good-taste, safe and fresh food on the go. It guarantees to deliver delicious cuisine at a minimal cost with an easy ordering process.

You can always get the meal on the wheel to your seat by utilising RailRestro. Almost all cuisines and unique foods of different states are available on its menu. In a holistic approach, the following are some advantages you can enjoy by ordering your food from this E-catering provider. 

Here are the eight benefits of ordering meal on the wheel from RailRestro E-catering


1. Exquisite and Delectable Wide-Ranging Menu 

India is full of exciting cuisines and different tastes. RailRestro has carefully curated its catalogue of food items in their original forms and tastes. Anyone travelling on Indian Railways can enjoy such delicious dishes.

From time to time, new and popular dishes are added to the menu to make travellers happy and satisfied. Gujarati Dhokla, Masala Dosa of South India, and Pav Bhaji of Mumbai are available. You can also order foods such as Biryani, Chicken dishes, Veg dishes, Non-veg dishes, Pizza on the train, cake on train and more. It also caters for unique food requirements, such as Jain food, bulk food orders and food for kids. 

2. Taste Indian Specialties

India is a great place to explore food diversity, with every state having some unique dishes to offer. Not just standard culinary items, RailRestro lets you order, savour and experience every delicacy that this land offers to one and all. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including desserts, can be heartily experienced on trains with only a few clicks. Hand-pick your favourite dish to relish scrumptious Indian delight onboard.

3. Affordable Price Range and Discounts

One of the best things about RailRestro is its economic range of dishes. Affordable food with high quality and taste brings happiness to people travelling on trains. All of the dishes that RailRestro serves are available at reasonable prices across the country’s railway network. The company also gives incredible discounts and promo codes to help you save money on your food order.

4. Bulk Food Order

RailRestro E-Catering Services set a bar on better taste, quality, and food delivery in trains. Besides, you can also make a bulk order from RailRestro. Most of the people may be making long-distance tours together through trains. On such occasions, there may be more than a handful of people looking to have delicious food delivered to the comfort of their seats. 

5. Hygienic & Delicious Food

Hygiene and quality of food are important aspects that RailRestro emphasises. All its restaurants and foodservice partners are FSSAI authorised, and they maintain the best standard of food quality and services. Food is given utmost importance as it is related to the health and wellness of people. Choose RailRestro E-Catering services for finger-licking, healthy, and affordable meals on the train.

6. Delivered to Your Seat or Berth

When you order food from RailRestro, the cuisine is made fresh and provided with great commitment and respect. Highly trained delivery persons are on hand to deliver your meal on the wheel. You need not wait longer. Within a short time, freshly prepared food is provided to you in the best state directly to your seat or berth. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, RailRestro offers a contactless delivery solution. 

7. Pay Online or Cash

RailRestro offers a wide range of payment options. The payment facilities are offered according to comfort and safety. After placing your food order, pay through UPI, credit/debit card, or internet banking. However, you can also pay through cash after the order is delivered to you on the train. The array of secure payment options by RailRestro makes it an exciting option to explore and get 100% satisfied food delivery on the train.

8. Consistent Quality & Service

RailRestro is hailed for its consistent and quality e-catering service. It has been offering passengers good quality meals, delivered at the scheduled station on time, in great packaging to store the essence and flavour of the food. Through years of e-catering service, RailRestro is still committed to maintaining the spectrum.

Why Choose RailRestro E-Catering?

1.   Contactless delivery: RailRestro’s food delivery service on trains offers contactless food delivery. You can order food to have your meal without contacting the delivery person. These characteristics offer a safe and secure, hassle-free, and seamless delivery experience on the train.

2.   Contactless Online payment: In COVID-19 time, cash sharing poses a risk of infection. Customers can schedule their meals in advance and pay online using credit or debit cards or digital wallets. Furthermore, it saves time, especially at the stations where the train stops for a short time.

3.   Safe packaging: The food is delivered from authorised partner restaurants premised on hygienic requirements and trustworthiness. The food is carefully cooked and well-packed while adhering to all safety rules and criteria. This type of packaging ensures that customers receive their meals fresh and hygienically clean. It is provided in tightly sealed packages with no leaks.

4.   Hygiene: Health and cleanliness are paramount to food delivery services. Customers are reassured that only high-quality meals will be served to them. All of the food vendors linked with RailRestro adheres to the rules and regulations of FSSAI.

Ordering Meals on Wheels by Railrestro Is Easy

Ordering food from RailRestro E-Catering services is effortless and amusing. You may use the RailRestro app or website to explore great meal options on the train and place your order in a few steps.

Elegant travelling tales start with great food. Recreate the magical train journey with mouth-watering food on the train. 

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